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New Updates to Style Manager for iThemes Builder

Lead Developer, Chris Jean, just announced an updated version of Style Manager, the tool that makes it super easy to change the look of your site without touching a line of code. The latest version is 0.3.1 and is available in your member download area.

In creating the updates, Chris rewrote most of the JavaScript code and much of the PHP code. (If you know Chris, you know he’s always going for the absolute BEST in service and products.)

Some of the upgrades included in this new version:

  • New border options for Basic Module Styling and Widget Bar Module
  • IE support – full support for IE 9 partial support for IE 8
  • Opera support
  • A new Custom CSS option – allows you to add your own custom CSS to the style, PLUS you can see the new styles displayed in the preview!
  • Moved generated CSS files to wp-content/builder-style-manager – This massively cleans up the uploads directory. Now there is a single directory that contains the files. Easy to use. Easy to find.
  • Eliminated generation of new files on every save. The old code used to create a new file every time a style was saved. This resulted in some people having dozens, if not hundreds, of files filling their uploads directory. This no longer happens.
  • The new code cleans up after the old code by removing the clutter of now unneeded files. Clean and lean.
  • New generated files will be named to match the name of the style, making it easier to work with and more intuitive. For example, rather than builder-style-3a2de7ca72a.css, Style Manager now generates builder-style-manager/my-custom-style.css.
  • Added “Set to Default” option to color picker – so it’s simple to get back to the beginning settings if you want to start from scratch on a particular color selection.

To use the latest version of Style Manager for iThemes Builder, download it from your member download area.

Then check out the Style Manager Support Forum for any questions you have.
You can also check out the Style Manager Codex for additional documentation and tips.

And remember…always update any iThemes Builder related plugins (such as Style Manager and Builder SEO) before upgrading Builder.

Not using iThemes Builder yet? Get it here.

And take a look at the latest Builder Basics webinar to see how easy it is to work with.

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  1. I love the new file management!!!

    Going forward, is it generally better to put custom CSS here rather than in style.css?

    What are the pros & cons of each?


    • If you have customizations that need to apply across the entire site (regardless of which Style is being used on a layout), then the CSS modifications should go into the style.css file.

      If you have customizations that only apply to the specific Style, then the CSS modifications should go into the Custom CSS of that Style.

      These are just some basic thoughts on how I would use it, but you could have very different ideas. If you create a global Style and only use that across the entire site, then putting all of your modifications into the Custom CSS of the Style makes a lot of sense.

      The key differences are:

      The style.css file is always loaded on the site while a Custom CSS entry is only loaded when its specific Style is being displayed.

      The style.css file is loaded before the generated Style’s stylesheet, and the Custom CSS modifications are below the rest of the generated Style’s rules. This means that Custom CSS can override both the Style Manager-generated CSS and the style.css file’s CSS. Depending on your change, it may make more sense to put it in style.css or in Custom CSS.



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