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Learn How to Use EmailBuddy to Grow Your Business [free video replay]

With email marketing being such a huge player in the online marketing world, it’s important that you know what tools are available, and which make the most sense to you.

EmailBuddy is one of the most simple email listbuilding tools to use, where you have complete control over the content, email sending rates, and how to manage your lists.

Below is the video replay of the webinar from WebDesign.com called PluginFocus: EmailBuddy.

EmailBuddy is available only as part of the PluginBuddy Developer Suite.

Every month the team at WebDesign.com offers webinars on a wide range of topics from web design to plugin development, to remarkably unique things you can do to set yourself apart as a website owner or website designer. There are currently over 250 hours of training already available via video replay. Members can access all the videos through their membership account.

To access past webinars, including the premier 4-day WordPress Developer Course, just go to WebDesign.com.



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