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Welcome Two New Members to the iThemes Team

As we continue with our rapid, carefully designed expansion, we are pleased to announce the addition of Jesse Clark and Brandon Irby to the iThemes team.

Jesse Clark is a software developer from Texas with a degree in Computer Science from Texas Tech, and the experience and skillset specific to a number of projects we’re working on. He’s new to WordPress, but well versed in Php, MySql, etc. Jesse and his girlfriend moved to Oklahoma City about a year ago where she took a job after completing her Ph.D. in Immunology.

Looking for software development work, Jesse searched the Twitter followers of the OKC php users group – where he saw the announcement that iThemes was hiring. Proof positive that Twitter works!

Jesse describes himself as an avid board and video gamer. He likes to read and watch movies – his all time favorite is “It Happened One Night” (1934). He also says that he almost exclusively drinks water. (Hopefully the caffeine hounds in the office won’t corrupt him.)


Brandon Irby is our new Video Intern for the summer. He is currently completing his Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communications at Rogers State University (class of 2012). While working with us he’ll focus on video production to promote, inform, education, and entertain the iThemes customer community.

Brandon came to us by way of Matt Danner, whom he met over the shared interest in photography. They also discovered they are both idea guys and love dreaming of new ventures (sounds like iThemes, doesn’t it?), so they stayed in touch as iThemes evolved.

Brandon has run a freelance photography business since 2007, and he was once a barista in a Tulsa coffee shop. (Brandon – that last skill will come in handy in the office!).

Brandon says “I’m excited to be a part of a passionate group of individuals who thrive off innovation and have a servant’s heart. This summer is going to be a full-tilt boogie: a constant hustle and lot of fun.”



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