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How to Use the Builder Style Manager

iThemes Builder is a powerful theme that lets you build a fully customizable site without having to touch a single line of code. (If you don’t want to, that is.) You’ve probably already heard that, but what you might not know is HOW Builder let’s you do this so easily.

“Builder Style Manager Exposed” is a 73-minute webinar from WebDesign.com that shows you how to use the Builder’s style manager to control the look of your site.

Style Manager, which comes as a plugin with Builder (along with the Builder SEO Plugin) let’s you manipulate the style, tweak the CSS, and preview it in real time, making it possible to create expert-looking sites without having to be a code expert. This (recorded) webinar gives you a full understanding of how each part of the style manager works.

This training is a part of the WebDesign.com premium membership. Most webinars are free to attend live, but for access to the video replays you’ll need to be a member. Join today to get access to a growing library featuring more than 250 hours of web know-how.

Check out the upcoming free live webinars on the WebDesign.com Events page.



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