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New Tailored Login Plugin Adds Elegance & Functionality to Your Login Page

Tailored Login, the newest plugin released by PluginBuddy and Skyler Moore, let’s you customize your (or your client’s) login page using a simple style manager.

Tailored Login works great for:

  • branding the WordPress login page for your client so their login page matches the look of their own site.

  • branding the login page of sites you create with YOUR brand so your client’s never forget who their  web designer is.

  • adding widget areas to the login page for either your own in-house needs, to remind your clients of something (like your phone number or email address), or anything you want.

Tailored Login is available as part of the PluginBuddy Developer Suite.

Here is tutorial video showing how the Tailored Login plugin works

Here is a snapshot of a tailored login page created for a personal trainer by one of our customers. She said it was easy and fast to create, and the client was thrilled.


If you already have the PluginBuddy Developer Suite, the Tailored Login plugin is available in your member download area.

If you do not have the PluginBuddy Developer Suite, which includes ALL the plugins from PluginBuddy – including the best-selling BackupBuddy – AND any new plugins added during your license year (like Tailored Login), check it out.



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