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New BackupBuddy Feature – Limit Number of Stored Backups

BackupBuddy Adds Yet Another Valuable Feature!

The BackupBuddy Team is constantly working to add additional, requested and high-value features.
One common request is to be able to automatically limit the number of backups that get stored in your archiving service.

Now you can!

For example, you can now limit BackupBuddy to not storing more than 10 backups on your Amazon S3 account. The oldest backups are trimmed as new ones are added. You can control this remote destination archive limit for Amazon S3, Rackspace Cloud, Dropbox, and FTP.

Watch the demo video below to see how you can use this feature.

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But just through Wednesday, so act now.


  1. Thanks for a great new feature which is a great add-on to an already amazing plug-in.

    Quick question around the number of backups… what happens if you have multipul sites backing up to the same DropBox directory? Would they start over writing / deleting each other, or will this new feature only delete its own sites backups?

    Thanks :-)

    • Hi Paul,
      Right now the solution for that is to just make separate directories in what ever remote storage client you are using. We will eventually have it based of the sites name instead of just backupbuddy backups. If you have anymore questions over this please let us know!

  2. Hello,

    I have several blog databases that I would like to backup to one folder on my server via ftp. I have noticed that the database backup uses the site name. When using “Archive Limit” will it only limit the backups associated with the blog that backup buddy is backing up?
    I know I can make a separate directory but this, but that is more time consuming and not needed if the name of the website is in the zipped backups name. Let me know how that works so I can put the correct Archive Limit.





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