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Web Designer’s ToolKit – 3 Powerful, All-Access Tools, Plus 2 Bonuses

The Web Designer’s ToolKit – the hybrid package from iThemes.com, PluginBuddy.com and WebDesign.com – is designed to fully equip you to start, grow and sustain a thriving web design business…or simply create and manage a thriving online business based on the WordPress framework.

Current ToolKit (Very Short-Term) Offer

Save $300 off the full price!

Just use coupon code SUMMERKIT at checkout
to get the whole kit and kaboodle at a deep discount.

By “short-term” we mean this coupon is only good through this Friday, June 10th at midnight Central Time.

So what’s in the Web Designer’s ToolKit?

Simply said…Everything We’ve Got, plus some.

1. The Complete 12-Month All-Access Theme Pass

All the professionally designed, premium themes you could want (100+), including iThemes Builder, the flagship theme giving you maximum flexibility and design control (plus there are already 36 child themes specifically for iThemes Builder).

PLUS, this includes any new themes released during your membership year.

(In the past we have released 2-3 new themes per month, but last month we released 7 brand new themes – so you see what a great deal this can be.)

You’ll have a theme for any and all design projects and customer interests.

Get the Web Designer’s ToolKit, coupon code: SUMMERKIT

2. The Jam-Packed PluginBuddy Developer Suite

Every single plugin we have to maximize your creativity, save you time and save you money – plus make you look super smart to your clients and super-cool on the web.

This includes:

  • the Best Selling BackupBuddy
  • EmailBuddy (only available via the Developer Suite)
  • DisplayBuddy (8+ plugin suite)
  • VidEmbed
  • PluginMobile
  • Tailored Login
  • ThumbsUp
  • plus any NEW plugins released during your membership year…including the upcoming LoopBuddy

Get the Web Designer’s ToolKit, coupon code: SUMMERKIT

3. The Comprehensive WebDesign.com Membership – Premium WordPress and Web Design Training

Whether you own one site, or design and manage a whole fleet of sites, your annual membership as part of the Web Designer’s ToolKit, gives you complete access to all webinars, premium trainings, recordings, training materials, and support files used in your courses.

The WebDesign.com Training Library currently holds over 230 hours of premium training developed by seasoned experts in their fields.

It’s fair to say there’s simply no other resource quite like this on the web.

Your comprehensive membership also includes access to every new, live webinar, along with the complete Training Library.
(You can check out the full summer schedule at WebDesign.com.)


  • The premier WordPress Developer Course – 4 days of powerful training
  • The Blueprint Basics and Advanced Series – walking you step-by-step through each development and design process.
  • The PluginFocus Series covering a whole range of plugins, including which ones you must use, and which ones you should stay away from
  • Specialty Webinar Series on topics such as:
    converting your site from html, a pdf, or another WordPress site to the Builder framework
    – working with Photoshop, and the highly-requested Photoshop Elements Bootcamp
    making your site mobile-ready for today’s ways of accessing the web
    specialty tips and tricks for designers
    freelancer track full of business tools and trainings
    how to mitigate, and recover from, technology disasters

All these, and more, are included in your WebDesign.com Premium Annual Membership, which is an integral part of the entire ToolKit.

Get the Web Designer’s ToolKit, coupon code: SUMMERKIT


PLUS, with your new Web Designer’s ToolKit membership, you will also receive a free copy of WordPress All-In-One For Dummies, co-authored by our very own Cory Miller.

This book is actually 8 books in 1, so it is the perfect companion to the Web Designer’s ToolKit!


Your very own iThemes, PluginBuddy, or WebDesign.com t-shirt.
(Sorry, we can’t guarantee a specific design, but we know you’ll love it!)


This is an example. Your shirt may be a different design.

Get your Web Designer’s ToolKit with a $300 savings through Friday, June 10th, 2011…be sure to use SUMMERKIT in the coupon code space.

Remember, with your ToolKit you are receiving:

1. 12-Month All Access Theme Pass
2. PluginBuddy Developer Suite
3. WebDesign.com Premium Annual Membership
4. WordPress All-in-One for Dummies
5. And one of the coveted t-shirt designed by the iThemes team!

**Did you know…if you purchased all of our products individually, it would cost more than $3000!
With this special short-term offer, you can get all of this for just $697 – that’s a 77% discount!

Get the Web Designer’s ToolKit, coupon code: SUMMERKIT


  1. Sorry, this is a little off topic but I found your blog and was just wondering if you could tell me what theme it’s using? It’s really neat! If you’d be so kind as to perhaps let me know by replying to one of my posts or sending an email to my address I’d really appreciate it!

  2. I built my entire web design and internet business around these three product packages, from the ground up. Within months, I surpassed my original goals and was able to grow my business to a full time income. I highly recommend all of the iThemes, PluginBuddy and WebDesign products for anyone who has or wants to have a website.

    • Hi Kerry,
      That’s awesome to hear! We’re thrilled for your success, and appreciate what a generous member of the community you are.



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