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ServerBuddy Goes 1.0

If you’re a fan of ServerBuddy then you will be excited to know that we’ve released version 1.0. The new version increases reliability or the given results and adds some key new features that should be in everyone’s site toolkit. ServerBuddy is also great way to assess if your server is compatible with BackupBuddy. If you have BackupBuddy installed on your site then you already have all of the benefits of ServerBuddy on your ‘Server Info’ page within the BackupBuddy menu.

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Server Configuration

ServerBuddy lists the most common settings that are known to cause issues for WordPress users or popular plugins such as BackupBuddy. With simple ‘pass’, ‘fail’, or ‘warning’ notices you can quickly assess your server situation and find problems at a glance. Additionally, full access to all PHP configuration settings, via phpinfo(), is available at the click of a button.

File Permissions

The ‘File Permissions’ section lets you quickly scan and view the permissions of key WordPress directories to help spot security problems before it’s too late. Permissions determine which users on your server are able to view, read, or write to your files and directories. The wrong permissions can allow others to gain unauthorized access to your files and content. Too strict of permissions can interfere with WordPress or plugins being able to create files such as backups.

Site Size Map

With the site size map you can visually navigate your site’s directories and find where the most space is being used. This is a great way to figure out where you placed a large file or why your available space is shrinking by narrowing in on where exactly usage is high. You can also get a direct directory listing of directories and the space used within each.

Database/table Size

All WordPress content such as pages, posts, and many various settings are stored in the database. This section of ServerBuddy allows you to get an idea of what is going on in your database, see tables that plugins have created, and get a view of which tables are taking up the most storage space. Think of a filing cabinet being your database with each drawer being a table — now you can see which cabinets are full of papers.

WordPress Schedules Actions (cron)

WordPress and some plugins (such as BackupBuddy) perform various operations behind the scenes on a regular basis. WordPress provides a system for automatically launching these scheduled actions called the “cron”. ServerBuddy allows you to view these scheduled behind-the-scenes operations, run them on demand, and even delete them. This can also be useful to hunt down any rogue processes left behind by old plugins or malicious scripts that may be causing you trouble.

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