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Dockside: Child Theme #39 for iThemes Builder

Dockside is the latest in a long line of professional child themes included with iThemes Builder.

That means your Builder license now comes with 39 child themes to give you a wide range of design options right out of the box.

And just in time for the dual release of Builder 3.0 and WordPress 3.2, both scheduled for this week!

Cody Smith was inspired to create Dockside after a fishing trip with his dad. You’ll notice the rustic, dark, “dock” feel to the design. Combining Cody’s design talent with Justin Kopepasah’s coding talent, the result is a great new child theme.

Dockside, iThemes Builder Premium WordPress Theme

Take a look at the Dockside demo, and pay special attention to:

  • the beautifully designed blockquotes with dropcap styling to give that extra flare and distinction.
  • the fresh, new category and comment icons to make your meta data stand out.
  • the featured image usage on blog layout
  • and the great typography, including the “Brawler” Google font for the headlines

Not familiar with iThemes Builder? Check out the Builder Training page for the latest Builder Basics Webinar and links to other Builder resources.

Get iThemes Builder and immediate access to all 39 child themes.


  1. The child themes are always great. The trend for builder seems to always be square , hard-edged and blocky.

    Any child themes in the pipe that are smooth, roundish and softer?



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