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Learn How to Create Awesome Websites Fast With iThemes Builder (Free Video)

The latest (free) training for iThemes Builder is now available! You can watch the webinar replay at no cost.

This is a basic webinar to cover all the functionality of the Builder theme. You’ll learn how to use the easy-yet-powerful layout engine, create views, what child themes are and how to use them. Plus it covers the unique Widget Content way of building your widgets, as well as the simple Style Manager plugin which is included in your Builder purchase.

If you haven‘t started working with iThemes Builder yet, watching this video is a great way to check it out and eliminate any fears you have about whether you can use it. Seriously, it’s so easy even your mom could do it. (We just say it that way because Cory’s mom uses Builder.)

For more details on training, visit Builder Basics Training where you will always find the latest Builder Basics webinar, as well as links to additional training resources, including the Builder Premium Training available through WebDesign.com. iThemes Builder.

To learn about more free, LIVE WordPress trainings, visit WebDesign.com.

If you’ve done the basics with iThemes Builder and would like to move on to more advanced training with Builder, you may want to consider the Premium Training, Builder: Beyond the Basics offered via WebDesign.com.

Of course, for a thorough understanding of working with WordPress and designing sites, or developing a freelance business, you may want to check out the full premium annual membership at WebDesign.com. We frequently use Builder in the webinar demonstrations, so it’s like getting bonus Builder training, too.

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  1. Hi

    unfortunately the video cannot be played. Message says “The creator of this video has not given you permission to embed it on this domain. This is a Vimeo Plus feature.”

    It would be helpful to watch it so I can use Builder better.




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