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PluginBuddy Announcements on iThemes.tv

This week is chock full of plugin releases and updates from PluginBuddy.com. Watch the iThemes.tv segment below to learn about all the updates.

ThumbsUp update (releasing Friday) – you’ll now have the ability to:

  • use just the UP thumb, in case you don’t want people to have the ability to thumb down an idea!
  • have people suggest topics in a widget area, and have other people vote on them!

Featured Posts (releasing Thursday-ish) – great new layouts are being included to customize your site even more.

Translations – we are looking for help to internationalize all our plugins. If you’d like to help with this,  submit your info on the PluginBuddy Translator page.

You can also check out the most recent full episode – and sign up to get the quick email reminder so you don’t miss an episode – at iThemes.tv!

Remember to check out Accordion, the new plugin released last week. Accordion is part of the DisplayBuddy series.



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