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Ajax Edit Comments is now a PluginBuddy Product!

Ajax Edit Comments

A few weeks ago, PluginBuddy decided to acquire Ajax Edit Comments (a comment editing plugin) and bring development and support of the plugin in-house. Currently the plugin is only available in the Developer Suite

This is happy news for all current Developer Suite customers as Ajax Edit Comments adds real value to a site.

Ajax Edit Comments Description

Ajax Edit Comments is a premium WordPress plugin that allows users to edit their comments for a period of time. Administrators have a lot more features, such as the ability to edit comments directly on a post or page.

A countdown timer displays when a user can edit their comment

Key User Features of Ajax Edit Comments:

  • Can edit comments for a period of time without having to log in – saving your visitors time and frustration, which makes them more likely to leave well thought out comments.
  • Can spellcheck their comments before or after comment submission – always a good thing!
  • Can delete or request deletion of their own comment – making their commenting experience even better, so they are more likely to come back and comment again.
  • A countdown timer alerts users how long they have left to edit their comment – a super handy feature.

Key Admin Features of Ajax Edit Comments

  • Can edit and moderate all published comments from a post or page – saving YOU time and frustration from jumping back and forth.
  • Can e-mail commenters directly from their comment – another big time saver.
  • Can move comments from post to post – giving you complete freedom and control over how you use comments on your site.
  • Can blacklist commenters and bulk-mark comments as spam – great for preserving your image, and saving you time.
  • Has a comprehensive set of administrative options – giving you lots of choices for more freedom.
  • WordPress Multisite compatible – so you are ready for anything.

Customization Features

  • Can choose between 12 different icon sets for appearance – perfect for making the comments match your style.
  • Can choose between four viewing options for the icons (Text Only, Classic, Dropdown, Icons Only) – letting you custom-design the commenting experience for your visitors.
  • Can overwrite styles for advanced customization – a great feature for the advanced user.
  • Can adjust or disable the countdown timereven more freedom and control for you.

And much, much more…

Quick Overview Video of Ajax Edit Comments (2:37)

Get Ajax Edit Comments!

If you are an active member with the PluginBuddy Developer Suite or the Web Designer’s Toolkit, Ajax Edit Comments is already in your member download area.

Want to have access to everything at PluginBuddy, iThemes and WebDesign.com? The 3-in-1 Web Designer’s Toolkit is your best bet. (Current customers, contact sales (at) ithemes.com for your loyalty discount and to sync up your expiration dates.)


  1. Johan,

    If you were a yearly subscriber, translator, or had a developer license, you should have received an e-mail from iThemes with your new username/password.

    If you have not received this, please e-mail sales [at] ithemes.com and explain the situation.

  2. Not too happy with this plugin. My website pages didnt work correctly for many days and i tried to fix it. As a last resort i start disabling plugins. It was this plugin that messed up my site.


  3. Hi,

    I love this plugin; I use it in my wordpress blog. But since the last update I have problems. I wanted to post my problem in your support forum but I do not know where there; I do not understand the forum system where to post what – English is not my native language. I used the search, but got no results.

    I cannot make any settings for style, icons, colorbox, permissions and Aufräumen; the pages are empty. Maybe because I do not have the pay version of the plugin.

    I am willing to buy the plugin, but where? What is the price? What are the differences between the payed and the ‘normal’ version? Your side is very complicated and I do not find any information I need.

    I would be very happy to get some help.

  4. Hi, I liked this plugin. My situation: on my blog I only allow comments on who is logged and users are subscriber level. When active registered users allowed to edit comments, they can edit any of it being someone else. There is possibility:

    Who is the level of subscriber, you can only edit and delete their own comments without approval. Have the possibilities to do this?



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