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3 Free Must-See Webinars for Web Designers!

The two webinars this week are absolute must-see trainings for anyone in the Web Design business, or considering going into it. Not only will you gain critical business tips and insight, you’ll learn some cool, creative, and time-saving techniques for the design part of your business. The third webinar is next week, but it’s coming up fast so we didn’t want you to miss it!

Wednesday – July 6th(@12pm):

5 Key Business Finance Rules for Web Designers: Handling Your Finances Like a Web Design Project

…also known as “The 5 Things You MUST Know About Your Numbers to Grow Your Business Instead of Killing It.”

Like most web design entrepreneurs, you probably spend most of your time working with clients and designing websites, and not much time making sure your business financial house is in order.  The good news is that business finance isn’t rocket science, and if you can understand web design, you can understand the basics of profit and cash flow and how to increase both.  This webinar will give you the basics in 5 easy rules that will help you think about finance like you think about web design.

INSTRUCTOR: Sandy Oluwek, TheFinanceOasis.com
LENGTH: 1 hour
REGISTRATION LINK: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/769493211

Thursday & Friday – July 7th(@6pm) & July 8th(@11am)

Creating Logos with CSS3 & Photoshop

Part one of this webinar will focus on creating logos in Adobe Photoshop. Users will learn the basics of creating logos including best practices for choosing fonts, colors and creating simple image elements. We’ll then cover how to finish off a logo with some creative layer effects and styles.

Part two of this session will cover how to create logos that mirror what we did in Photoshop but instead we’ll be using CSS3 techniques and then providing a fallback for those using older browsers so that they will see an image rather than the styled CSS text.
INSTRUCTOR: Justin Seeley & Justin Kopepasah
LENGTH: 5+ hours (2+ hours each session)
SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate – Advanced
REQUIREMENTS: Familiarity with Photoshop and CSS

Tuesday – July 12th @6pm

Image Optimization

In this session we’ll be discussing best practices for optimizing your images for web export. We’ll talk about image size and resolution as well as go into a deep dive on all web graphic formats and which ones are best for certain situations when putting graphics on the web.
INSTRUCTOR: Justin Seeley
LENGTH: 1 hour
REGISTRATION LINK: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/593782915



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