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Builder 3.0 Preview Webinar – Watch the Video

Join Chris Jean, iThemes lead developer as he gives us a peek into the specifics and newest features of iThemes Builder 3.0, scheduled for release this week. In this video Chris shares the how and why of the additions and upgrades to the theme.

iThemes Builder is a premium theme with a powerful layout engine giving WP web designers and developers, as well as every day users, unlimited flexibility for creating your own websites without having to know code.

With iThemes Builder, you can be your own web designer!

You can also check out the most recent Builder Basics Training video on the Builder Basics Training Page.

iThemes Builder 3.0 Preview Webinar

So what do you think? What’s the most exciting change you see in 3.0? How do you think using Builder 3.0 will affect your site or the way you do business?



  1. What’s the most exciting change you see in 3.0?
    the integration with Loop Buddy…amazing! thank you :)

  2. This is a great upgrade! Plenty of functionality for the expert, with all the simplicity and help needed by the novice. Thanks, guys!

  3. I’m very new to ithemes and haven’t the plunge into builder yet… so maybe this is a stupid question… but what is Loop Buddy? I looked around on the site and didn’t really find an explanation of what it is… or does. :)

    Can someone ‘splain it to me?

    • HI Christine,
      Not a stupid question at all. I think the “Loop” is one of those things that’s not talked about a lot outside WordPress developer circles, so no reason you’d know what it is.

      There is a video that explains LoopBuddy and shows you what you can do with it – as well as why you might want to use it.
      You can find the video on the PluginBuddy blog: http://pluginbuddy.com/loopbuddy-preview-instant-video-replay/



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