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ThumbsUp 1.3 Released

ThumbsUp 1.3 has been released with a killer new featured called ThumbsUp Suggest.

ThumbsUp Suggest

ThumbsUp Suggest is an additional widget that you can add to any widgetized area and allow users to type in their own suggestions.

The administrator receives an e-mail of the suggestion and can approve the suggestion as a topic that can be voted on.

Here are some features of ThumbsUp suggest:

  • Administrators can choose to receive e-mail notifications upon new submissions
  • Administrators can choose to allow non-logged-in users to submit topics (which will reduce spam)
  • Administrators can edit and approve the suggested topic when editing the ThumbsUp voting group
  • Clean widget with an Ajax posting interface for the end user

Other Additional Features Added with 1.3

  • The ThumbsUp icons have been refreshed
  • You can now choose to allow up votes, down votes, or both
  • For ThumbsUp on posts, you can customize the voting text (and allow up voting or down voting only)

A video demonstrating the new features of ThumbsUp will be posted in a few days.

Get ThumbsUp

If you are an active member with the PluginBuddy Developer Suite or the Web Designer’s Toolkit, ThumbsUp is already in your member download area.

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