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WordPress 3.2 Overview from WebDesign.com

Here is a quick video from WebDesign.com featuring the changes and upgrades included in WordPress 3.2 which was just released to the public on July 4th.

(As always, before you upgrade, you should backup your entire site. The upgrade to WP 3.2 should go fine, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? BackupBuddy can give you that peace of mind. :) )

What's New in WordPress 3.2?

In WordPress 3.2, some of the enhancements to look for are:

  • Speed Improvements – faster loading and it feels lighter.
  • New Theme – Twenty Eleven – with several theme options to allow you to customize, new header images to choose from, 3 default layouts, and a background editor.
  • New Requirements: PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5. Make sure your hosting company is up to date!
  • User Interface Improvement – cleaner dashboard with more collapsability to give you more screen space
  • Distraction Free Writing – letting you use a content-writing screen that eliminates all the distractions in the sidebar and menus. This let’s you focus on content, which, of course, is the most important thing anyway, right?
  • Browse Happy – WordPress is promoting that people stop using Internet Explorer 6 because it is a very old browser. WP no longer supports IE6, but the Browse Happy interface makes it easy for people to upgrade to a later version of IE, or select a different browser.
  • New links in Admin Dashboard – with lots of information about who worked on the upgrade (always nice to know who is contributing so many hours of their time to make this great for the rest of us) and Freedoms – a layman’s description of the WP licensing agreement.
  • Enhanced Comment Moderation ability to save you time.
  • More menu items on the admin bar, making it easier to make changes without jumping back and forth between tabs or screens.

Please remember to backup your site before you upgrade to WP 3.2. It’s a great “Best Practice” to add to your general business operating procedures.



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