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Willkommen BackupBuddy 2.2!

Today we are proud to announce that BackupBuddy is now at version 2.2!

Whats new in BackupBuddy 2.2?

  • Language Support – we spent the last month retooling BackupBuddy to support your local language.*
  • German Language Mode – Now Available!
  • Classic Mode Support – we have added an option in the Settings page that allows you to emulate BackupBuddy 1.x backup mode.
  • ImportBuddy Improvements – Import Buddy now imports wp_config.php after databases so that end-users wont see your site till its up and running.

Asterisk! Asterisk? Aw, what’s the catch?

We really wish BackupBuddy knew every language on the planet. But lets face it, learning languages can be tough, yet teaching BackupBuddy can be easy.

If you are fluent in another language, join us at http://pluginbuddy.com/translators/ to help us teach BackupBuddy your language.

Finally a Special Thanks to Thomas Heinrichsdobler for helping make the German translation possible.



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