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BackupBuddy Jump Drive Giveaway! Want One for Free?

Our BackupBuddy jump drives have arrived – and we’re ready to share them with enthusiastic BackupBuddy users.

And by “share”, we mean “give away”.

Would you like one?

If so, leave a comment below telling us how BackupBuddy has made a difference for you in your business.

Maybe using BackupBuddy has

  • brought you peace of mind;
  • or added a revenue stream for your web design business;
  • or reduced your site migration cycle from hours to minutes – which in turn has saved your money as well as time;
  • let you help a non-profit create scheduled backups so they don’t have to worry about data loss, etc.

…Anything that explains how you are using BackupBuddy and why you would recommend it to others.

We’ll select 10-15 of the most genuine and helpful comments and send you your very own BackupBuddy jump drive!

Just be sure to leave your comments by this Friday, July 15.

Not using BackupBuddy yet? Take a look at the backup, restore, and migration features of BackupBuddy, as well as the BackupBuddy Training page – a great way to learn exactly how it works and what this plugin can do for you.

Remember to leave your BackupBuddy comments below to be eligible for your BackupBuddy jump drive.

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  1. 1. Unfortunately, one of the sites I had developed got hacked (along with a whole load of other sites on the server).
    Fortunately, I had recent backups because I had BackupBuddy installed and had scheduled regular backups of both the WP Database and also the Full Site which I had downloaded (this was before the excellent addition of storing backups on Dropbox).
    So, within 30 minutes, I was able to upload the backup and go through the step-by-step process of installing the site from it’s backup.
    Hey presto, BackupBuddy to the rescue.

    2. Not only can BackupBuddy help you recover from disasters if you plan and store your backups efficiently, but when it comes to developing WP sites locally and then deploying them once ready to go live, BackupBuddy cannot be beaten for it’s simplicity and ease of use. Makes my life so much easier than it would be without BackupBuddy.

    3. Thank you PluginBuddy team for such an excellent product.

  2. BackupBuddy has made it so easy for me to not only backup my WordPress sites, but it’s now an absolute cinch to migrate client sites from my development environment to their live Production environment. BackupBuddy Rocks!

  3. Well, where do I start.

    It has saved my butt so many times, especially with clients that have done something funky to their site. From messing with an original css file to other problems. Whether it’s been a restore, or a migration, it has saved me hours of work!

    Also, I do so many workshops and training on WordPress, and emphasize all the time the importance of backup, it’s a no brainer to push Buddy Backup.

    It has made life so much more easier : )

  4. BackupBuddy has become one of the best discoveries for my business and our clients since we started using WordPress more than four years ago. Not only does BackupBuddy help us relax with the virtual “safety net” it provides but it saves the business huge amounts of time. And time is money. So BackupBuddy has increased our profit! BackupBuddy relieves stress, helps us relax, saves time, increases our profit and, I’m pretty sure, makes me look thinner!

  5. I recently became the owner of an existing WordPress blog to which I’ve been a regular contributor for several years. With BackupBuddy, I was able to migrate the site to my own hosting account (and quickly give it a new look with one of the Builder Child themes). It was such a smooth transition!

  6. BackupBuddy has been a very helpful plugin ever since I installed it on WPCoder. We’ve also made great use of our developers license by using the plugin for all of our client workshop demos.

    At this point, I won’t even automatically upgrade WordPress without running BackupBuddy first.

    Thanks for creating such a great product!

  7. After using a free and therefore “Cheaper” backup system FAIL me. I spent almost one thousand dollars to have my sites restored, and recovered. I immediately switched to BackupBuddy to back up all of my WordPress sites. I love it because my sites get backed up ENTIRELY and sent to the Cloud of my choosing, and I get an email notification of it!It’s easy and it gives me peace of mind!

    I should have used BackupBuddy from the beginning but sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

  8. BackupBuddy is amazing. When I first saw it advertised I really didn’t fully understand what I could do with it. I am in the process of rebuilding about 20 of my older eBay affiliate sites. With BackupBuddy I can build the new site on a test domain to make sure everything looks good and works perfectly. When everything is just the way I want it, I transfer the new site to the old domain name in less than 10 minutes! I also use it to automatically back up all my sites twice a month. It’s the best purchase I have made in a long time. (The Builder Theme is near the top of that list too). Thanks iThemes !!!

  9. Within the first month of owning BackupBuddy, we transferred 15 wordpress sites within minutes (and saved hours) and then caught and treated 2 severe malware infestations.

    Whenever we install a WordPress site, BackupBuddy is the first plugin uploaded.

  10. My company has come to rely on Backup Buddy as the go to solution for our own websites as well as our clients websites.

    Backup Buddy has allowed us to easily migrate WP sites from one server to another. It has allowed us to have a piece of mind and provide a piece of mind to our clients.

    We have the developer license and are selling a WordPress support package that includes Backup Buddy and other key plugins, provide install and configuration and ongoing support from us for a low monthly fee. This allows us to have a residual source of revenue from this fantastic product. We love it.

    Farnum Technologies LLC

  11. Hello to those of us who come from design backgrounds and not programming backgrounds. Without the knowledge and ability to migrate a site – you were held hostage to programmers and webmasters.
    Drupal’s Dries Beuytart (or however the heck you spell his name) -said Drupal would “kill the webmaster.” He was wrong! Drupal is still so complex – it wouldn’t hurt a fly – unless you had spent many painful years using & learning Drupal.
    BackUp buddy _-WILL kill the webmaster -simply meaning that it will give you / we non developers that ability to control our own websites.

  12. First understand that I am a baby boomer and internet stuff is sometimes very hard. Tech people have a tendency to speak in geek not English.

    When I purchased backup buddy I did so to make it easier for this old girl to backup the entire site and move it or just keep it. I hate to back things up manually and never get ALL the files (you know what I mean). I always seem to miss one.

    Backup buddy has so streamlined and taken the dreaded finding the time to do a backup away. It does it for you… when you want… partial or full and the best part… tech actually talks to you like a normal person! That speaks volumes.

    I highly recommend the backup buddy for your website backups and database backups too. If I could only choose 1 plugin out of my arsenal backup buddy would be it. I could live without the rest but not without backup buddy.


    PS I almost forgot… on top of the above plugin support is constantly improving this plugin to make it simpler for us old foogies to use.

  13. Backup Buddy to the rescue. There should be some kind of dramatic theme music when you run Backup Buddy – it has saved me more then once! I have recently moved my websites from one server to another and it was a piece of cake with BackUp Buddy.

    It also saved me when I get digging too deep into a theme and locked myself out and good – it was a safety net no WordPress user should be without!

    It was also helpful when I merged my two blog sites into one “Blog Central” site.

    Every time I do a upgrade to WordPress or the many plugins I don’t think twice, because I know that my fully automated BackUp Buddy is on duty and doing its thing… saving my bacon!

    < Craig

  14. I am a recent Backupbuddy customer, and the tool has already had a huge impact for me. The best part is how easy it is now to create new sites from a standard backup I’ve created with Backupbuddy. I’m also able to provide my customers with peace of mind about their sites by automating and testing my backups with Backupbuddy! Thanks for a great tool!!!

  15. I had a client who wanted to move on up to WordPress, after hearing all the good things I had to say about it. The only problem they did not tell me about is that they had a huge groupon advertisement happening in the next few days and they wanted to make the switch because of their outdated site. Propagation takes time, and they had no idea that I worked on their site on my domain, than transferred it with no problems thanks to backup buddy with not a glitch. Saved the day, and I barely broke a sweat. Nice.



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