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Thinner. The 41st Child Theme for iThemes Builder

The wait is over. We have finally broke the 40 mark. Introducing Thinner, the 41st child theme for Builder.

As you may know, Builder 3.0 released last week jam packed with loads of awesome features. Included in these features is a new set of extensions. Extensions that allow for extra customization of ones site. From a built in Slider to a Feature Image Grid, these extensions are sure to spice up you site with just a few click of a button.

What makes Thinner awesome? It three of these extensions and gives them a custom touch. That’s right, the Slider, Feature Photos and Post Teasers Left extensions are customized to look and feel like they belong with Thinner.

But I didn’t stop there. Builder has always used Layouts and Views (this is Builder’s core power after all), and now Thinner has it’s own layout and views for users to Import. This not only shows the power of Builder, but also allows for easy customization of a site.

Without further adieu, I give you some examples of Thinner.

As always, Thinner runs on Builder. If you do not have Builder, you can learn more about it here.

See you on the other side!



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