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LoopBuddy Final Released

LoopBuddy Final has officially been released. We are tremendously excited about this launch as it opens up the possibilities of what is currently possible with WordPress. You could even think of it as a “game changer”.

Builder 3.0 and its child themes are fully compatible with LoopBuddy, so you already have over 40 themes to choose from if you have Builder.

What is LoopBuddy?

Each time you visit a WordPress site, you encounter the Loop. The Loop is simply WordPress’ way of displaying the content to the end user. The WordPress Loop is working on your behalf, displaying your content already. But to change the way your content is displayed, you have to know how to edit your theme’s code.

Not any more!

With LoopBuddy, you can modify the behavior and appearance of this Loop without touching a single line of code.

So what does this mean for you?

  • You can control the way your content looks…without having to know anything about the theme files or how they work.
  • You can use completely different looks for different types of content…without messing with template files (which can often end up being messy).
  • You have Extreme Flexibility – You can create a new Loop for each post, page, category, archive, post type, and much more. You decide what goes where, and when.

Who can use LoopBuddy?

Anyone. If you need help, we have training, documentation, and support.

LoopBuddy is fully compatible with Builder 3.0 and its 40+ child themes. If your theme isn’t compatible (yet), you can still use LoopBuddy via a shortcode or a widget (an extremely powerful feature).

You can even modify your existing theme to be LoopBuddy compatible, although this can be an advanced task depending on the complexity of the theme.

Where can I get LoopBuddy?

We want as many people as possible to have access to LoopBuddy, so we’ve kept the licensing simple.

Unlimited sites, unlimited use, unlimited upgrades, and unlimited support for LoopBuddy are yours for just $45 per year.

So if you want complete control over WHAT content gets displayed, WHERE it gets displayed, and HOW it gets displayed, LoopBuddy is your new best friend.

If you are an existing Builder customer, you can get LoopBuddy for 50% off. Simply use coupon code – sent to you privately via email – before July 29th and you’ll get your discount.

Get LoopBuddy Now!


    • @Scott,

      You can hurt me if you like, but I haven’t used Pods before, so no idea what all is involved in integration.

  1. Integration with Pods would be pretty quick and painless if someone were to work directly with me, I know the code inside and out and can provide any training necessary to facilitate understanding of how something like LoopBuddy could really help shape how people use Pods.



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