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Rolling User Roles Into Our Plugins

Here at Pluginbuddy we like to keep our plugins straightforward and easy to use. We find that they are so straightforward your clients can effectively use them with little WordPress knowledge. There has been a great need for user role support in our plugins coming from our customers, so we have decided to bring them to the plugins that we can. As of right now you can allow users with different roles be able to access these plugins:

  • Accordion
  • Copious Comments
  • Carousel
  • Featured Posts
  • Slideshow
  • Video Showcase

  • The “Plugin access limits” feature will be found on each of the plugin’s settings page. When you select “editor” in the drop down as I have above, all users with editor privileges and above will have access to that plugin’s menu.

    This means that if a client wants to add images to a “slideshow group” or “carousel group” they can do so easily without having to bother you. Remember you can now buy any one of these plugins individually from the displaybuddy package.

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    1. I don’t understand why this isn’t available in the Billboard plugin!

      It is the only plugin that is interfering with my ability to give my clients Editor access.



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