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Meet Kristen Wright, iThemes Office Assistant

Kristen Wright has joined the iThemes team as our Office Assistant, Cory-wrangler, social media support specialist, and all around  team player.  Cory’s description of Kristen? “She rocks! She’s awesome!”

Kristen brings with her a strong background in large-scale event planning, resource development and office administration. She even used to coordinate the details of the largest youth summer camp in the world!

What drew Kristen to iThemes is the philosophy Cory articulates and his approach to the workplace. She said that the week before she learned about the opportunity at iThemes, she had just finished Yvon Chouinard’s Let My People Go Surfing, and was dreaming about finding a place to work that was founded on innovation, creativity, and responsibility. She says, “iThemes IS that perfect place!”

Kristen is a native of Oklahoma and she and her husband, Jacob, have been in Oklahoma City for almost 4 years. They, and their two dogs – Ranger and Littleman – love it in OKC. They also love music, cycling, and hiking. (We’re assuming she is referring to her and her husband…not necessarily the dogs.)

In addition to being the “what-did-we-do-without-her-before” team player, Kristen is an artist and is currently working on a series of commissioned paintings. Her hero is Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman – because she has made a living through blogging.

Kristen wanted us to share that she LOVES sandwiches. We aren’t really sure what that means or why it’s so important, but wanted to pass it along in case there are any other “sandwich lovers” out there.

Kristen is excited to be at iThemes and is eager to understand every element. She has jumped in with both feet, taking the initiative on numerous projects. She thinks of web developers as being like artists – that websites are another medium to express creativity, great design, and innovative thought. You can see her own “website in progress” at RedDirtDarling.com. (Powered by WordPress and Builder!)

Please help us welcome Kristen to the team!



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