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LoopBuddy 1.1 Released

LoopBuddy 1.1 has been released with several bug fixes and enhancements.

New Features

  • Added a place in the Layout Editor to add a custom class that wraps around the entire loop (for styling purposes)
  • LoopBuddy supports WP PageNavi for Pagination
  • You can now query multiple post types and post status parameters
  • Default layouts/queries are loaded upon plugin activation (if there are currently no queries or layouts)
  • You can now specify an offset in the Query Editor
  • Added a template field for taxonomies when displaying results from multiple taxonomies
  • Added German language file
  • Added ability to specify a custom search box

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed before/after issues on several Layout tag items
  • Added a custom link for post thumbnails
  • Resolved issues with custom fields and serialized data
  • Serialized data how is now presented unserialized using print_r
  • Fixed an issue where the post date was actually the last modified date

TwentyEleven Loop Standard

We also modified TwentyEleven to be Loop Standard and LoopBuddy friendly. You can download our version at the LoopBuddy Codex.

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