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Showcase Books & Movies Using the Carousel Plugin

Looking to build some personal rapport with your readers? Consider showing off your favorite books and movies with the Carousel plugin!

You can use Carousel to easily highlight your favorite books or movies. Carousel is a WordPress plugin that shows a rotating carousel of images.

Run Carousel vertically in your sidebar and it can endlessly cycle through the top movies or books you want to highlight. You can use the DVD or book covers for the images to give it more pizazz. And, you can link to Amazon or your own reviews.

Or, use Carousel to highlight movies you’ve just seen, books you’ve written or books you’ve recently reviewed and recommend.

Not sure how it works? Check out the live demo.
See the quick video description by visiting the DisplayBuddy page and selecting “Carousel” in the left column.

You can purchase Carousel individually or as part of the DisplayBuddy suite of nine plugins.



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