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iThemes Townhall Meeting – September 8, 2011


The team at iThemes will be leading a townhall webinar on Thursday, September 8th at 10am Central Time.

Join the iThemes team to find out the latest news and the inside scoop on what’s coming next. For example, there’s something REALLY BIG coming in December…and you’ll get a hint about it if you come.

These townhall meetings have become a wildly popular tradition at iThemes.

Register to join us on September 8th: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/875458554

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  1. I LOVE iThemes. But there is a HUGE hole when it comes to portfolio themes / blocks / features. I’ve been saying this at iThemes for YEARS. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE –
    Something like nextgen giving you the ability to have pagination on your gallery page, and if you click on an image and see it enlarged – you can also click through to the next image in the gallery. You should also be able to turn the following fields on or of to show:
    caption, description, titile.

    I volunteer to beta test.

    PLEASE. This seems so simple – but a glaring hole in your theme features!

    fingers crossed!

    • I absolutely agree with this. Yes, please, a really awesome portfolio site to go with the already awesome ithemes builder features would make my world really, really rock!

      Really fabulous would be to show pods in loop buddy for the detail, so that I could define a database of the art works, upload the pictures, enter the artist, title, media, description, price, etc. Then, through loop buddy, define a format and selection for the grid of the thumbnails and a detail page of each piece of art.

  2. I’d love to see a child theme for builder based on your Essence theme — to allow more flexibility with customizing the Essence layout.

    Also, I’d love to see a plugin and/or icons for Tumblr-style custom posts.

  3. An iPad app for training.ithemes.com videos for we members to have easier ipadviewing.
    And, a corporate, eurostyle child theme for builder
    A sleek, sophisticated builder child theme for international banking info blog

  4. I love Builder, but I’m not very creative. I’d love to see more examples of what you can do with the themes, more than just the sample screenshot. Oh I’d really like to see options to customize the details of the content and widget boxes, like square corners versus rounded corners on the content and widget boxes – as well as the title bars, or a slight shadow at the edges of the content and widget boxes, like in the Encased child theme. Oh! And more background options! Maybe like one big file we can download, or just more than one background option with the child themes. Ok I’ll stop now :-D

  5. Ok here goes, I’ve been looking for a good ecommerce solution that can combine with artist portfolio pieces for sale…. Not just a general merchandise site. Love love love ithemes!

  6. I think that it would be most useful to create a real estate child theme for Builder. I have iRealtEstate and could make it work, but it is so limited when compared with Builder. I am working on a new real estate site to replace an existing non-WP site and have already abandoned iRealEstate do to it’s lack of design flexibility. I’m creating the site with Builder(Once you go Builder, you never go back). The prototype layout already exceeds what I could have done with iRealtEstate (without adding a lot of custom code).

    Almost everyone that builds web sites for a living has real estate office clients. Builder has become my WordPess IDE.

  7. Templatic themes allow you to set up your text in columns in your content areas, 2, 3, 4 columns! This is a simple and really great feature. they do it via short codes. That would be fine. but it would be MIGHTY Fine to be able to do it in Builder via the style manager.

      • Sridhar, This is perfect. But I have installed this and i cannot see where the heck you can assign the columns shortcode – or any shortcode for that matter. There is no tutorial on the site. Are there any instructions anywhere? Should i move this to the forum? I know this may be beyond the scope of help offered! So sorry!

  8. And PLEASE! A clean white version of Kepler – or ANY future portfolio themes. White text on black background is classified as a felony in several states. I personally hope that becomes a national – or even a global law!!!!!!