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New iThemes Builder Packages Coming September 1st – Renew/Purchase Now at Current Rates

Starting September 1, 2011, iThemes Builder will be available in two different packages:

  1. iThemes Builder Foundation
  2. iThemes Builder Developer Pack

(This means you can still purchase – or renew – the current all-inclusive iThemes Builder pack at the super-low price of $97 through the end of August.)

These changes are the result of extensive input from our customer community about the desire for more options, and a reassessment of the huge value already included in the existing iThemes Builder Package (also with customer input).

The iThemes Builder Foundation Pack will include iThemes Builder Core + the 5 Foundation Child Themes for $80.

The iThemes Builder Developer Pack will be much like the current Builder package in that it includes the iThemes Builder Core + ALL child themes, with the added bonus of the LoopBuddy plugin (an additional $45 value) all for $197. We are close to having 50 child themes, which makes the cost less than $4 per theme.

In the future we’ll be releasing additional “bundles” of child themes that can be purchased along with the Builder Foundation Pack. This will provide additional options and price points.

As always, the annual license will include all updates and the famous world-class support you’ve come to expect from iThemes.
(Builder is still included in the 12-Month All Access Theme Pass as well as the WebDesigner’s ToolKit.)

If you’d like to get your copy of iThemes Builder at the current low price, including access to ALL child themes, visit the Builder page to make your purchase.

For existing customers…to purchase, renew or extend your Builder license, simply:
– log in to your members area (http://ithemes.com/member/member.php)
– select “Purchase & Renew Products & Subscriptions”
– then scroll to select “Builder Theme – Core (Unlimited Sites” for just $97.
– click “Order” and your current Builder license will automatically be extended for another year.

(Please note – LoopBuddy is not included in your renewal of your current package. It is included in the soon-to-be-available Builder Developer Pack. But, using your loyalty discount, you can add LoopBuddy for less than you would pay for the Developer pack. :) )

Remember, this is a multi-use license, so you can use Builder on as many personal and client sites as you wish.

Be sure to check out the iThemes Builder Training Page for the latest Builder Basics webinar recording.

**Prices and packages change September 1, 2011, so don’t delay if you want to grab your copy or renewal of Builder at the current rate.


    • I know, Michael. Seems pretty amazing, doesn’t it? But our Builder customers have long been telling us that we are giving away far too much with the existing Builder package. And yes, $197 is a price point they suggested. Actually, that’s lower than some of the suggestions we received.
      The different bundles of child themes (coming in the future) that can be added to the Builder Foundation Pack will provide the additional options customers have requested.

      • Nina-

        We too get such remarks from our Headway Themes community. More often than not, our community members tell us we are too cheap for what we offer. I am sure your community feels the same about iThemes and all of your great products too.

        What some forget is those of us who are serious about running a business want that business to be profitable. Not just profitable in the now. But we want to have a sustainable business we know will be around to continue to innovate and provide the support our customers and community expects and certainly deserve.

        I applaud the iThemes Team for looking to the future and adjusting your prices accordingly.

        Keep up the great work you are all doing.

  1. Builder Theme is by far the best Theme out there for WP as a developer. It alone is worth the price increase to $197.

    As a long time user of this product (my initial purchase was before the original release) and an active member within what has become a community, I find this pricing to be more than fair. Combined with the stellar support that comes along with the purchase of Builder it is still one of two the best values for your money. The other best value is the WebDesign.com membership!

  2. Hi Nina – 2 questions:

    1. What are the 5 Foundation child themes?
    2. When it says, “For existing customers…to purchase, renew or extend your Builder license,”, does it extend the license from my current expiration date, or will the expiration date be a year from tomorrow (if I buy tomorrow).

  3. What about people who have just purchased your product within the last month? Is there no deal for those who thought they were getting updates for some period of time for the price they paid for it? (whether or not your product was “too cheap”). I haven’t used it enough to decide whether I want to pay again for upgrades.

    Will we continue to get updates and new themes (as I thought was offered) now that you are changing the way you offer your product?

    • HI Mary – no worries. Your existing product does not change. You purchased an annual license, so you have access to all upgrades and support for the same 12 month period.

      There is also no requirement that you extend your license for another 12 months at this time. This is just an option we offered for those who wanted to take it. If you’ve been around us for awhile, you know that we offer special deals from time to time, plus our customer loyalty discount which is in place, so you will have an opportunity to renew in the future – and if you keep up with our newsletters and/or attend WebDesign.com classes, you’ll be up to date on future specials.

  4. Will all of the Builder themes still be a part of the Web Developer Toolkit or have you not made that decision yet? That might make me extend my Builder license beyind its current 2013 expiration date. 😉

    • HI Mike,
      Yes, our Web Designer’s ToolKit is our all-inclusive package, so iThemes Builder will continue to be a part of it. :)

  5. Hey,
    I am not so glad about the price changes as others seem to be. I also do not understand why the increase had to be that much. I think it’s now even harder for people like me to get good themes for a valuable price. I think if you want to make it a prestige product, that’s the right way. But it will not lead to satisfaction in the end – I am disappointed.

    • Hey Al,
      Thanks for your comment. We are sorry that you are disappointed by the price increase. We have a dedicated team working hard to add more and more value to our products, and we are trying to make appropriate price points so we can continue to create and support them. Also, we are re-packaging Builder with our most popular child theme series and actually lowering the price to $80, with the intention of keeping Builder affordable. Thanks again for your comment–we value your feedback.

  6. You mention the “Loyalty discount” in relation to renewing Loop Buddy. Where can I get the Loyalty discount code? I have current subscriptions to Loop Buddy and Builder Theme – Core (Unlimited Sites).

    “LoopBuddy is not included in your renewal of your current package. It is included in the soon-to-be-available Builder Developer Pack. But, using your loyalty discount, you can add LoopBuddy for less than you would pay for the Developer pack.”

    • HI Jeff,
      The current customer loyalty discount information is always listed in the Announcements section of the support forum. You’ll need to log in to the support forum, then navigate to Announcements. There you will find your code.

      Also, if you already have iThemes Builder, you do not need to renew at this time, unless you want to. Renewing now would extend your current license for an additional 12 months beyond what you already have. Just wanted to make sure you realized this is entirely optional for you.

      You are also not required to renew LoopBuddy at this time. I was just trying to make it clear that LoopBuddy has not been included with Builder purchases in the past, but starting September 1, it will be included as a bonus with the new Builder Developer Pack.

  7. Price increases in everyone’s business is needed to keep them healthy and provide top notch services. How many businesses go under do to not knowing what to charge or not being willing to charge it.

    I-themes gives great customer support a plethora of free classes, along with a great product, the support and information provided is worth the cost of admission.


  8. More than doubling the annual license is unconscionable! Period.

    I’ll go back to Studio Press. I also object to the very limited time period to decide whether to accept this gouging or bale. I doubt this “love fest” here is representative of your users, but who knows,,,,,

    • Hi Steve,
      Thanks for the input. Courteously worded constructive feedback is always welcome. 😉

      What isn’t evident from your comments is:
      1. Once you own Builder, you own it. You are never required to renew your license in order to continue using the theme. The license is for those who want to receive upgrades, have access to the support forums, and receive all new child themes released during their license year.

      2. While the price for the new Builder Developer pack is a noticeable increase from the earlier version of the Builder Core package, we have also increased the number of child themes available since the first Builder release from 4 child themes to 44 child themes. This is an 11-fold increase in value. This is the first price increase we have instituted to reflect this tremendous increase in value.

      3. We also rolled out a new Builder package which is LESS expensive than the previous one. This provides an additional option for those wanting to use Builder but unable to jump in at the previous price point. We will also roll out additional bundles over time, providing even more options at lower price points.

      4. The new Builder Developer Pack also includes the game-changing plugin LoopBuddy as a bonus, adding even more additional value to the new package.

      5. All existing licenses and agreements have been honored. No one has been required to make any changes or purchase a renewal. The notice on the price increase was a courtesy just in case anyone wanted to lock in an additional year at the current rate. As anyone who has contacted us knows, we have worked with all reasonable requests that fell outside the original time frame.

      Not sure about the “love fest” comment, but I know that we do love our customer community, and the feedback we have received, both before and after the changes to the packages has been overwhelmingly positive.

      Good luck with your future endeavors.

  9. I just saw this email and my license is about to expire next month. I will renew my subscription because I built all my clients site with builder. I love it because it’s so easy to customize the design.

    But my question is.. are you developing a mobile plugin like the wptouch pro? The current mobilebuddy plugin is not appealing for corporate website.




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