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Upcoming iThemes Builder Child Themes

Here at iThemes, we’re always busy creating Builder Child Theme designs for our community. We wanted to share a few designs that are in the queue.

There are always changes before we are ready for release, so the final versions may not (probably won’t) turn out exactly as the preview, but here they are for your early sneak peek.

Be sure to check out the post about the new iThemes Builder packages being released on September 1st.

Aurora (name changed to Acute):



Let us know what you think about these upcoming designs in the comments!

Also be sure to join us for the iThemes Townhall Meeting on September 8th at 10am CDT.
REGISTRATION LINK: https://www2.gotomeetin


  1. These are awesome. I was waiting for more intricate and modern designs for business sites and these three look to be real gems.

    Keep up with these designs and I, amongst many others fans, will definitively stop needing to look elsewhere for rebust business themes.

  2. Thats more like it, hopefully this is the shape of things to come with builder.

    Really like the look of adept.

    Keep up the good work guys


  3. Love the look of these upcoming themes. Yes, the design group appears to be uping their game. Great to see.

    One thing I’d really like to see in coming themes is a tighter integration of the fonts across all elements – header module, content module (titles and body text), sidebar module titles, navigation module, etc.

    Some of the previous child themes suffer from a variety of fonts across elements which leads to a less-than-professional-quality look out-of-the-box.

    Yes, tweaks and tunes can fix this, but having this in place in the child themes from the start would be a big help.

    Thanks for all the great work you guys do. Builder and the child themes absolutely ROCK!

    • Hi Brett,

      Could you expand on what you mean by “a tighter integration of fonts across all elements”?

      I think I know what you mean — but would love to get you to clarify this.

      • Hi Cody,

        Sure, I can expand. Take, for example, the Americana: Mojave child theme (yes, an older one, I know).

        With all default settings:

        The font in a header module is Italics and some form of Sans Serifs.

        The font in a navigation module is some form with Serifs.

        The font on the title of a sidebar widget also has Serifs but is several sizes larger than the nav module font (it would look much tighter if it matched the nav mod font in size).

        The font inside a widget is San Serifs and is sometimes Italicized by default and sometimes not (not sure what causes this).

        The content title font is San Serifs (Arial perhaps?) as is the body text in the content.

        Matching font, size and special rules (bold, italics, etc) across all elements would give this theme a popping look that it doesn’t have out-of-the-box at this time (still a beautiful theme though!).

        Hope that adds some clarity.

        Thanks for taking in the feedback.

        You guys ROCK!

    • HI Henk,
      Thanks for your input. We’ll be sure to pass it along to the dev team.
      Also, make sure you check out the Style Manager plugin that works with iThemes Builder. It gives you great flexibility to change colors, background, text, etc. without having to edit any of the theme files.

      • Any idea when we might see an update to the Style Manager plugin? One thing it doesn’t do is content module background changes which would do exactly what Henk Vos wants … allow for setting up a white background for posts and pages.


  4. Only just started using builder and love it, if these child themes are a taste of whats to come then keep up the good work.

    • Hi Sue,

      We always strive to release 2 themes per month — but the themes shown are not necessarily in a specific order in the development queue. If you join us on iThemes.tv each week (Tuesdays @11am CST), we try to let our community know which theme(s) are imminent for release, as well as talk about child themes in more detail.

  5. Great looking themes ! I really like the added CSS styling for subtle effects. Have you guys got any more builder blocks in the works…. Any for real estate ?

  6. Looks great! I’m renewing my license now, but am really hoping the next few months bring some real-estate related themes for Builder. I remember mention of it some time last year after I joined, and I’ve since gone into real estate myself, so I am eagerly anticipating that release! Thanks for all your hard work!

  7. Love the first two a lot. I would also like to see a luxurious and elegant looking theme, maybe a bit old fashioned type, like you’d expect for a jewellery website or an antics trader, winery or a very high level fashion label.

    Something with a few luxury looking graphics in the theme with gold or silver ornaments.



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