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5 Reasons to Love BackupBuddy with New WordPress Multisite Support

IMPORTANT: Multisite functionality is EXPERIMENTAL. Using it on production sites is at your own risk. Multisite Importing and Exporting is quite solid but full Network Migrations have known issues. There are workarounds to the Network migration issues but they may require some technical experience. We are working hard to solidify remaining Multisite issues.

It’s official, everyone. The new BackupBuddy update released yesterday includes massive improvements, new features and also the BETA version of your most requested feature: Multisite support!

You asked for it, so here it is. And here are 5 reasons you’ll love it:

1. Multisite–EASY and FAST

It’s EASY and FAST to backup and restore using the NEW BackupBuddy with Multisite support. Watch the proof here (and yes, the search box is full of Ron H’s ironic sense of humor):


2. Network Activate is here.

BackupBuddy can now be network activated. Yes, this is real, fully integrated Multisite support. Forgot to network activate BackupBuddy on a Multisite? No worries, we’ll let you know with a “friendly” reminder:

Once network activated, individual sites can be exported for use in import into another multisite, standalone site, or duplicated within the same network.


3. Multisite Import is here.

We now have the highly requested Multisite Import. With it, you can import a site from a BackupBuddy backup archive seamlessly into any existing Multisite:


4. New ImportBuddy is now leaner and faster.

Importbuddy.php is now leaner, faster, and addresses more problems than ever before. We’ve made big improvements within the Importbuddy.php (which does the importing of existing backups) file. The new Importbuddy.php BETA sports significantly enhanced compatibility and performance, and partners perfectly with the new BackupBuddy Multisite support.

Also, Importbuddy.php is now more user friendly – you can see all the settings, progress, and available options easily. Believe us, Importbuddy.php will be your best friend in the import process!

But what’s the most important feature?


5. One BackupBuddy focuses on both single and Multisites.

BackupBuddy Multisite support is now an OFFICIALLY INTEGRATED part of BackupBuddy itself! There are no extra plugin or add-ons to download–your BackupBuddy now lets you do everything related to backup and import/restore for both single sites and Multisite networks in one single package. And, we’ve made it super easy for you now to get the latest BETA version anytime:

Get the latest BackupBuddy with BETA Multisite support now.

So, BackupBuddy is now your #1 FULL SHOP solution for ALL YOUR BACKUPS and IMPORTS, from single sites to Multisites, and everything in between! BackupBuddy now covers everything you ever wanted to do with your important data on WordPress. Once again, thanks so much for making BackupBuddy so famous and popular. BackupBuddy now has over 37,000 active licenses (single site, multiple sites, unlimited sites), with 300-400 new licenses added daily!

Again, please go ahead and test out the new beta Multisite support and let us know what you think in the forums. We’ve thoroughly tested the new multisite features, but we need all your input and confirmation (of how it works awesomely for you, too) before it moves out of BETA.

If you have any comments about this release in general, please post below. Pre-sales questions can now be answered via our new live chat by clicking the awesome Panda on top of any page (Panda loves the new BackupBuddy, too) during our business hours, email us at sales@ithemes.com, or visit our massively popular and active Pre-Sales Forum.

Remember, please let us know what else you’d like to see added or changed–Multisite is the product of YOUR requests–so, enjoy!


  1. We’re interested in deploying BackupBuddy on multisite to enable our users to back up their sites. A couple of questions:

    1) Can it be set to do automatic backups?

    2) Is there any way to protect themes from being copied? We will offer some premium themes, which will be protected under the multisite architecture…but we don’t want the backup mechanism to give people a way to copy those themes and use them elsewhere.



  2. You guys are seriously insane. I just tested the newest version and almost fell over from my chair.

    I couldn’t believe the speed of the migration. I wanted to double check if I actually had done an import at all.

    And the multi-site export? Amazing. I just tested it out several times. It works perfectly! You can just put site in and out of the multi-site network as you wish. Freaking amazing!

    You guys rock.

  3. Mark,

    1. You can set up automatic backups for the entire network when BackupBuddy is network activated.

    2. In the Network Admin menu, you can disable the ability for sub-sites to export themselves. Also, the capability of the per-site menu is “Manage Network”, so unless the user is a super admin, they won’t see the menu.

    Regarding themes, any plugin or theme the user is using is copied over into the final BackupBuddy file so that the file can be used to create a standalone site.

  4. AlekNovy,

    Great news. We’ve been testing out all these features for some time, and definitely some light bulbs came on.

    Glad you are enjoying the update.

  5. @Ronald, thanks for the reply.

    Regarding #2 (disabling the ability for sub-sites to export themselves):

    Of course we want to provide a backup solution for the sub-sites, without giving them access to the theme files, etc. So could we still back up the sub-sites in a way that they sub-site admins can’t access? (In other words, we backup their sites so we can restore any individual site or the whole network if something gets hosed…but they don’t get to access their backup files?)

    It sounds as if you’re saying this kind of control is possible (since only super admins can see the controls), but I just wanted to double-check. Sounds great so far!

    Also, if we want to test the multisite features without making the full investment, can we start with the individual license and then upgrade? (The question is whether the individual license will enable us to test the multisite functionality.)


  6. Mark,

    The individual license should work fine. I think with our licensing (I need to confirm this), if BackupBuddy is network activated, the licensing system counts the network as one site.

  7. After I posted, I wondered if the single license would apply for one network. Looking forward to the answer on that…but, no matter what, these are great developments! BackupBuddy looks great.

  8. Hello,

    quick question: even though not officially supported before, I ALREADY had successfully backed up my complete WP multi-site install previously – just by having BUB installed on the parent site.

    When I had the restore the whole thing (incl. the sub-sites), it perfectly restored the whole thing again. Nice.

    SO, MY QUESTION: does this still work like that?
    Or should I now switch to a “more official” way of doing this…?

    Thanks in advance!


  9. Just a heads up guys, the codex still says that multi-site functionality is limited and will “probably never allow exporting out”. It also says to use the separate MS version.

    Some people sometimes discover backupbuddy through the codex (I did when googling), so you might be losing some sales if the codex isn’t updated with all the new features :)

  10. Alek, you should start seeing big changes in the Codex (since your post and from now on). :)

    Mark, just confirmed: if you Network Activate BackupBuddy on any one Multisite (regardless of how many sites are in that Multisite Network), it will count as one single license usage. :)

  11. 1) You can backup entire MultiSite at alpha.com and import entire MultiSite to beta.com, correct?
    2) You can backup from non-MultiSite at justme.com and import to a MultiSite setup at justme.example.com (like the video showed) or to example.com/justme (subdirectory instead of subdomain), correct?
    3) Can you export a single sub-site of a MultiSite setup (e.g. example.com/justme) and import it to its own non-MultiSite (e.g. justme.com)?
    4) Can you export a single sub-site of a MultiSite setup (e.g. example.com/justme) and import it to a different MultiSite setup (e.g. sample.com/justme)?

    I think that covers all the scenarios… Thanks! :)



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