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Builder Child Acute is Entering the Middle Stages of Design

Hello all, if you were unaware of our previous post concerning upcoming child theme, you’ll be happy to hear that Builder Child Theme Acute (formerly know as Aurora) is nearing the mid stages of development. What makes Acute so amazing? Well, let us count the ways:

  1. A Choice of Six Color Schemes
  2. Custom Styled (Default) WordPress Widgets
  3. Support for Slideshow and Accordion
  4. Awesome Use of Image Grid, Portfolio and Magazine Extensions
  5. NEW & CUSTOM Portfolio Extension (Available only with Acute)
  6. Four Alternate Widget Module Styles
  7. Custom Billboard Styles
  8. And much, much more…

There’s no doubt that you will love Acute when building your next business website.

When can you expect Acute? In less than two weeks. Check out this screenshot while you wait.

Not using iThemes Builder yet? To use Builder and get ALL the child themes, including Acute, get the iThemes Builder Developer Pack!


  1. I just downloaded the new Acute builder theme and do not see a lot of the items mentioned above:
    1. Choice of six color schemes
    2. Custom styled wordpress widgets
    3. New & Custom Portfolion extensions
    4. Four alternate widget module styles

    Was very excited when I read this post and have been anxiously awaiting this themes debut. Maybe it is in there and I just don’t know where to look. Can you help me out – or better yet – are you going to have a webinar to go over all of the new features and show us how to use them.

    • Hay Dan. Sorry for the confusion. Here is an update:

      1. The six color schemes will be alternate downloads released next week.
      2. The Meta, Tag, Category, Search widgets are styled when they are located in the sidebar of a content module. Also, The Search and Custom Menu widgets are styles when in header module.
      3. The extension is currently in development and will be release next week (I didn’t want to hold back release because of the extension).
      3. The alternate widget module styles can be applied when adding a new widget module. Look for a select item that says Style

      I will write a new blog post when the other colors and extension is ready.



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