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Is Your Website Set Up to Succeed?

“Websites are the best, most affordable, yet underused marketing tool for small businesses.” –Cory Miller

Cory Miller made that statement a year ago, and it still holds true today. In fact, he built the iThemes/PluginBuddy/WebDesign.com enterprise around this idea, hoping to help small businesses make the web work for them their way. What he realized is that the web can only work for small businesses if their websites are affordable, attractive and effective.

Here’s a small excerpt from a report he wrote:

…Let’s start by addressing those biases for what business websites should be:


Custom web design usually costs thousands of dollars. Some of the best web development companies charge, on average, $3000-5000 just to start talking. Many charge a lot more. That’s hardly affordable for most small businesses. We think web design should be affordable.


An affordable website shouldn’t mean an ugly website. You should be proud of your site – proud enough to make it your number one marketing tool. It should be attractive, appealing, and representative of who you and your business are. It should give customers confidence, and not leave people rolling their eyes at outdated styles or information.


A pretty website is nothing if it isn’t effective. If all you have is eye candy, you’re wasting your time. We wholeheartedly and fundamentally believe that your website should do something for your business. A lot of beautiful websites with music and fancy graphics have won awards, but those sites are useless if you can’t find information or your readers can’t take action. Small businesses can’t afford to have websites that don’t deliver.

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