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BackupBuddy ONE Training Video

BackUpBuddy ONE is an introduction to the only complete WordPress Backup system. In this webinar recording you’ll learn how to make and store backups of your site, including off-site storage. BackupBuddy ONE also shows the difference between a full backup and a database backup, with suggestions for how you might want to manage both.

The webinar recording also explains the unique migrate and restore features of BackupBuddy, including a live demonstration of a site migration from a localhost,  (localhost is a site being hosted on your own computer) to another server and an example of how to restore a broken site.

Having a general understanding of how BackupBuddy works and what it is doing can save you hours of frustration when and if you need to get a site back up fast. Knowing that you have the ability to restore or migrate a site because you use BackupBuddy is reassuring, comforting and added security that your sites will remain up and running.

Don’t have BackupBuddy yet? Get it here…or get it as part of the PluginBuddy Developer Suite which includes developer licenses to ALL our plugins, including any new ones developed during your membership year.

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