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How BackupBuddy Changed My Business Model

How BackupBuddy Changed My Business Model

Nathan Ingram

Today’s post is by Nathan Ingram, an active member of our customer community, and strong advocate for making consistent, frequent backups of your site. Read what he has to say in this “case study” about how BackupBuddy changed his entire business model…and maybe even saved his business.

I started doing web site development in the early days of the Internet, launching my first site in late 1995. Over the years, my niche became providing custom web sites for small businesses and professionals. Using Dreamweaver and Fireworks, my business model relied on selling a monthly maintenance contract. My clients would pay me to make the changes to their web site that they would request by phone or email.

As technology began to evolve, I felt building pressure to change my development platform to a modern CMS that would allow clients to make changes to their own sites. I strongly resisted the change because it would destroy a business model based on service contracts that had become quite lucrative. If clients could update their own web sites, why would they pay me a monthly fee?

BAckupBuddyEnter BackupBuddy, a product that automatically backs up a WordPress web site, scans it for malware, and sends the backup offsite for an extra layer of protection. When I began to understand the practical features of this brilliant plugin, I saw a way to replace my antiquated business model with one that was sustainable for the future.

Today, all my development occurs in WordPress. My monthly service contract has been replaced with a Comprehensive Security Package based on BackupBuddy that includes a daily backup and malware scan and weekly installation of updates to WordPress and plugins.

Now my clients have the freedom to update their own web sites (which they love), and I’m freed from the weekly tedium that I endured for years. Hours of text revisions have been replaced by a quick check for available updates. Backup Buddy does the rest. And, because I help my clients understand the value of regular backups and updates, I am able to charge the same rate as before for monthly service.

Thank you BackupBuddy for providing a way to empower my clients, maintain my income and multiply my time!

Nathan Ingram is the owner of Brilliant Web Media.


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