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How to: WordPress Multisite Domain Mapping and BackupBuddy

WordPress Multisite is a complex topic, and with the recent feature additions to BackupBuddy, many people have questions regarding setting up Multisite with WordPress and how to use BackupBuddy to make the process easier.

Ronald Huereca, of PluginBuddy, demonstrates through this in-depth video how to:

  1. Install Multisite on a fresh WordPress Install
  2. How to set up sub-domains using WHM and Cpanel
  3. How to add sites to WordPress Multisite
  4. How to map the site to an actual live domain
  5. How to use BackupBuddy to add content to the new site

Ronald also explains some Multisite nuances such as plugins, themes, and users.

Watch the video below (approximately 20 minutes) and see what BackupBuddy can do for you!

Here are the links Ronald mentioned in the video:


  1. At minute 11, you go to “Edit Site” and you replace the subdomain URL with the custom new domain. Why? Is this necessary? I have not done this step for any of my mapped subdomains and all seem to be working fine but maybe I am missing something…




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