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BackupBuddy Multisite Demonstration [video replay]

Earlier this week Ronald Huereca and Bes Zain led an extensive webinar demonstration of the BackupBuddy Multisite features.

This training starts by walking you through how to set up a network (with explanation for what a network is), and installing BackupBuddy; then proceeds to show you how to duplicate a site, import, export, and migrate in different variations, and how BackupBuddy makes this process very simple and easy.

As Ronald told the rest of us on the team, “For anybody involved with BackupBuddy or wanting to know more about Multisite, this should be a must-watch.”

Plus, for even more in-depth study, check out the video on domain mapping and BackupBuddy.

Ready to start using BackupBuddy? You can get your copy here.

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, October 18th at 11am Central Time for and introductory webinar:  Getting Started With BackupBuddy.
Reserve your seat here: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/569927602


  1. Hi,

    we run a capabiltiy manager for roles. However when doing this we do not see the backup buddy in the menu bar anymore. Can you advise us how to enable backup buddy when using capabilities roles?



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