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New LIVE Webinar Pass Program Starts November 1st

Over the past 22 months the faculty at WebDesign.com have created more than 250 hours of professional training on leading-edge WordPress web development and design. (In fact, we are fast approaching 300 hours of training.) The topics range from developer courses to basic 101-style courses, from blue print basics (“scratch to launch in 2 hours”) to blue print advanced webinars, as well as webinars focusing on design elements, plugins, themes, business development and finances.

While members of WebDesign.com have on-demand access to this massive library of training as well as all course materials for the duration of their membership, virtually all of these trainings were available for free at the time of creation. Anyone has been able to attend most of the webinars at no cost when you attended live.

Our strong customer community has expressed repeatedly what a great value this is, but have also wondered how/why we continued to give away so much for free.

We’ve always known that the “free ride” would have to end at some point. Due to rising production costs and other considerations, we will be making a change starting November 1, 2011. Hopefully this much advance notice will provide ample time for customers to consider the choices and make their best decisions.

At the same time, we are very aware of the current economic challenges facing many people, and our own wish to let the training reach as many people as possible, so we have made it uber-affordable to continue attending the webinars LIVE.

We have created the LIVE Webinar Pass, with two choices for how you can participate.

One Month LIVE Webinar Pass
One Year LIVE Webinar Pass

You can try out the live webinars at WebDesign.com for a month at what equates to about $2.35 per training hour, or commit to a full year for what equates to about 40 cents per training hour. That’s with an average of 20 hours of training each month. (October currently has 17 hours of training scheduled, and we’re not done adding in courses. August and September both had more than 20 hours of training.)

The LIVE Webinar Pass will be just what it sounds like – a pass allowing you to attend the LIVE version of the webinars, participate in the student chat and download any course materials during the webinar. It will not include access to Premium Courses, Live On-Site Trainings, the WordPress Developer Course, or recordings and course materials after the conclusion of the live training. The pass will also not include participation in the Members’ Only Chats or access to the Members’ Only Forum.

Which Membership Level is right for you?

One Month LIVE Webinar Pass – if you want to try out the webinars before committing to a longer period of training access, and your schedule is flexible enough that you can attend the webinars you are interested in.

One Year LIVE Webinar Pass – if you learn well the first time you see & hear information and do not need access to review the webinars for reminders or deeper learning; your schedule allows flexibility to attend the courses you want; your budget is limited; you are very disciplined.

Premium Annual Membership – if you learn well in live trainings, but benefit from reviewing webinars for deeper understanding; want access to courses and materials for the entire year; want the added value of Members’ Only Forum for support, advice, collaboration; want to request special topics taught via the Members’ Only Chats; want access to the WP Developer Course – both live, and recordings of previous trainings; want discounts to LIVE on-site events and other product discounts.

View the membership comparison chart.

You can sign up for the Monthly LIVE Webinar Pass for $47, or the One Year LIVE Webinar Pass for $97. Still a great bargain by any standard.

Or, you can take advantage of the extended promotion to become a Premium Annual Member. New Members can save 30% off membership by using coupon code DESIGN30 through Saturday, October 8th.

Just make sure you use the coupon by midnight central time on Saturday, October 8th because it goes away. This is the best deal (lowest price) you will see this year, so don’t delay.

The LIVE Webinar Passes will go on sale October 31st – that way you will be ready to go November 1st, without any unused time.

But if you want to lock in the current discounted promotion for Premium Annual Membership, visit WebDesign.com, select Join Now, and enter coupon code DESIGN30 at checkout.

(If you are a current Premium Annual Member and want to take advantage of your “insider’s discount” to extend your membership by another year, you can save 45% using the coupon code available in this blog post.
Make sure you log in using your iThemes username and password to unlock the hidden discount coupon.)



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