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At iThemes, Making People’s Lives Awesome Means Web Design Made Easy

At iThemes, our mission is to make people’s lives awesome.

In fact, we made a cool display of it in our headquarter’s lobby to remind our team of what we’re here to do each and every day.

The iThemes Lobby “Culture” Wall

I know this type of statement is broad … and therefore needs some explanation, so I want to unpack it for you today to illustrate how our company and team fulfills this …

First, there are a couple of different audiences that we apply this mission to, including:

  • Our customer community — your support allows us to do what we love each and every day! It is an honor to help make your lives awesome. We know if we don’t support you – you will take your business elsewhere. In this way, we know we’re in this together. But at the end of the day – we must make your lives awesome by providing high-quality, innovative tools and training that make your lives better in some way! (More on this below.)
  • Our team and partners — we want to be an amazing place and people to work with. We want our team to ‘belong and contribute’ to our tribe and family. We want them to enjoy their work and be fulfilled by applying their passions and skills for the greater good of our team and community. Part of our work responsibility is making our team’s lives awesome.
  • Our local community — as we’ve enjoyed success, our partnership has always wanted to find ways to give back to our city and state when the time came. That’s one of the reasons we started our nonprofit web tech foundation this year called The Div — to give back and make people’s lives awesome in our own backyard. It’s also why we’ve recently rolled out our new Education Initiative to give educators free access to valuable and much needed resources.

With this in mind, I want to elaborate and share how we are endeavoring to make your lives awesome — our customer community ….

Making customer’s lives awesome means helping improve your lives BY providing easier, better, faster, more innovative, more valuable and affordable solutions and being a one-stop resource for web design with WordPress.

Saving you time and money gives you more freedom and resources to create the kind of life — and lifestyle — you want.

Simply put … that means our aim is to make web design easy!

If the effect we’re intending is making people’s lives awesome … here is our statement for how our three brands (iThemes, PluginBuddy and WebDesign.com) and associated teams do that in practical terms for our community:

“We Create Tools that Empower Our Community to Build Rockin’ Websites”

Let me explain what this power-packed objective means exactly:

“We” — our rockin’ team of over 20+ professionals, mostly based in our Oklahoma City headquarters but spread throughout the world, is here to build, release, promote and support those tools and training.

“Create” — This is our daily job: to create, produce, build, explain and ultimately ship the tools and training that help you.

“Tools” — this means WordPress themes, plugins and web design training. We build these tools for you. Tools are our products; but our products are intended to be solutions to a problem you have.

“Empower” — our tools are (or should be) built to empower you to do great things with them. It means helping and assisting our community with their real and present objectives and needs. Our charge is to make practical & useful tools that make your jobs & lives easier, more efficient and effective (including helping you make money too!)

“Our Community” — you, our customer community, support us, allowing our team to do what we love, as we support you every day! We must care for you, build solutions for you, and are here to support you. This means providing more and more value for you over your membership through new and updated products, constant innovation and fanatical support.

“Build Rockin’ Websites” — All of our solutions and brands are designed to help you create awesome websites for yourself or your clients. We believe there are 5 Keys to Rockin’ Websites. And since 2008, we’ve been building solutions to help you build those sites faster, easier, better, to do more, to be more effective and more beautifully! And we’re constantly looking for more ways to offer innovative, creative and robust solutions to your ongoing needs. To this degree, we’re trying to offer the complete spectrum for you … so just like how a craftsman has a robust set of tools to offer you, we’re creating an ever-growing Web Designer’s Toolkit to be your resource in web design with WordPress.

When you boil all this down, it simply means: Web Design Made Easy.

So there it is … how we’re working to make people’s lives awesome in a nutshell for you, our customer community.

We feel like if we do this reasonably well, we’ll be successful, because you’ll be happy and satisfied with the solutions we offer you.




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