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The Start of an Ecommerce Child Theme for Builder

I am happy to announce that we are currently in the blue print stage of an Ecommerce child theme for Builder. What does this mean exactly? Well, to put it simply, we are starting the layout and design of the child theme that will work with Shopp, WP Ecommerce and possibly other WordPress Ecommerce Plugins.

I do have to say that while this child theme will work well with WP Ecommerce, I will note that this Child theme will work best with the Shopp plugin. We are currently working with the Shopp developers to implement the best way for the two best features of Builder (Layouts and Views) to work seamlessly with Shopp. Our goal is to provide users with full control over the layout of their Ecommerce website.

As always, we look forward to providing you more awesomeness to add to your toolbox!


  1. Having just completed a Builder site that uses Shopp, I would strongly suggest including a prominent warning that urges users to avoid installing any page cache plugin on the Builder E-commerce child theme site.

    Turns out that page cache plugins subtly yet dramatically cause havoc with Shopp (and other e-commerce plugins), making the “update cart” functionality (delete item, add item, recalculate total, etc.) appear either quirky or completely broken.

    All the focus and troubleshooting becomes “What’s wrong with this #&$!* shopping cart?” when it is actually only the cache plugin quietly preventing the cart functions from updating/displaying properly on the fly.

    It would limit some pain, effort, and various forms of “Shopp is broken” hysteria on the forum if you would just include a “Please do not install a page cache plugin with this e-commerce child theme to help ensure your store functions properly” warning somewhere that is prominent.

    Just two cents I’m tossing over the dirt mound from the trenches…

    • Thanks for the heads up.

      Whether or not users desire to install a caching plugin with our Ecommerce child theme is completely up to them. The child theme will work fine with the caching plugin.

      Sorry that the caching plugin(s) you tested did not work with Shopp. Did you send this information to the Shopp guys?

      I would like to mention that we are building the Ecommerce child theme using an unreleased Shopp version. Both the child theme and the Shopp update will release around the same time. This may solve some of the issues you are experiencing with Shopp.

      • Hi Justin,

        Yes, I had actually dealt with this with the Shopp guys just before you originally posted this announcement. Here’s what they said:

        “We certainly understand why people use caching plugins, however it does need to be a plugin that can be properly and reliably configured with exceptions that will allow pages such as those that Shopp generates to operate dynamically… Even if you set up exceptions for the shop page (and any child-pages), it means you have to give especial consideration to the use of widgets such as the Shopp Account widget on any other pages… Pretty much the same problems go hand in hand with all shopping cart style setups, it’s by no means exclusively a Shopp problem.”

        So it’s not a matter of the child theme working with a caching plugin; it’s an e-commerce-and-cache-conflict thing. I was just trying to help you guys avoid a potential rash (and who wants that?) of help desk issues related to this whole thing down the road, since the problem is confusing and frustrating, and the solution is not all that apparent :-)


        • I us W3 Total Cache. I simply excluded the pages that included any cart content from being cached. No cart problems!

  2. Hi all,

    Very exciting news. I’ve been wondering when Builder will come up with eCommerce Child Theme!

    However I hope there will be a special price for us to purchase Shopp (it’s kinda pricey…lol).



  3. Super excited!! I’ve just been experimenting with Woothemes and Woocommerce but Builder is definitely my theme of choice so having an ecommerce option is great news! Can’t wait to see it. Any ideas on an expected release date?

  4. This is great news. I am working on an e-commerce site right now using shopp. One suggestion, is to put breadcrumbs in the child theme because shopp uses them and one should have consistency with the UI. Other than that this is a huge leap in offering e-commerce solutions for me. Instead of designing from the ground up I will have a strong e-commerce foundation to start with.

  5. Phenomenal. I wanted Builder but Flexx just sounded easier because it is already tested with Shopp. That caused me to delay the whole process to start looking around at other theme makers and other possible solutions.

    Builder with a child theme that is tested with Shopp is a no-brainer for me. I’m in – as soon as you can release it! Any ideas on a release date?

  6. I would be most interested in utilizing Builder with WooCommerce as I believe that Woocommerce is the leader in ease of use and reliability for a Shopping cart in WordPress… As Builder is the leader as the ultimate WordPress premium theme. Any updates or info regarding this please let us know!

      • I have used most all of them, and I have found Woocommerce to be the most user friendly and expandable Shopping cart for WordPress yet. I have no idea what you mean by “limiting” – possibly from a theme design standpoint? But as far as back end capabilities and user experience it trumps most of the Shopping carts mentioned in this thread IMHO.



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