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Believe It Or Not: Ripley’s Uses PluginBuddy Plugins!

The webmaster for Ripley’s Believe It Or Not company just sent a letter expressing how grateful they are for the tools and training through PluginBuddy and WebDesign.com. This is exciting news for us. Not only did many of us watch and read Ripley’s as kids, but it’s always fun to learn that massively successful businesses are using our tools to aid in their success.

Here is what Otelo Vizcaino, webmaster for Ripley’s, shared earlier today:

For over 90 years Ripley Entertainment Inc. has entertained visitors around the world, with over 80 exciting attractions in 10 countries, along with best-selling books, a network television series in more than 70 countries, and the longest continuously published newspaper comic in history.

When I started working for Ripley’s as their Webmaster 3 years ago, I tested and researched many web-based technologies and vendors in the market. I fell in love with WordPress and took a big gamble back then when I chose it as Ripley’s exclusive website development tool and platform. My initial faith and belief in the platform has more than being proven as WordPress has grown into a powerful tool far beyond its humble blogging origins.

As part of the ever improving evolution of WordPress and of our websites, we have always looked for solid and reliable plugins to enhance and supplement WordPress native capabilities. Enter PluginBuddy. It did not take long in my constant search for tools and technology to come across PluginBuddy and its arsenal of professional grade tools. We use a number of your plugins including BackUpBuddy, Mobile, and the DisplayBuddy collection.

In addition, your training and online seminars have been invaluable. It is hard to find time to stay on top of new technology and developments and WebDesign.com provides a venue to learn at my own pace and have access to relevant training courses with excellent instructors. Thank you!
- Otelo Vizcaino

Thanks, Otelo, for supporting us as we support you.



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