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Training For Freelance Web Designers

Reminder: the LIVE Training Event on business building, web design and top SEO strategies is quickly approaching.

November 11-13 in Oklahoma City, led by Cory Miller, Benjamin Bradley and other members of the iThemes family.

View the preview video.

In addition to getting iThemes insider tips on marketing, how to maximize your personal strengths as a business owner and how to leverage your resources to grow your business on Day 1…

…One Day 2 you’ll learn about creative ways to use iThemes Builder as a designer, how to add revenue by developing child themes, plus some unique ways to use CSS to create amazing designs for your site.

And on Day 3 you’ll learn some SEO advantages iThemes Builder providestricks that no other theme can do, how to evaluate SEO metrics – and turn that skill into a profit stream, plus other critical, but often neglected, strategies you need to know for search engine optimization.

Since each of the three days has a different focus, you can select which days are the most relevant for you.
Day 1 (Nov. 11) – Business Development
Day 2 (Nov. 12) – Web Design & Development
Day 3 (Nov. 13) – Search Engine Optimization

Check out the full schedule as well as get all the registration details.

The event is next week, so be sure you check it out sooner rather than later.

November LIVE Event Details



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