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Announcing the new iThemes Support Forum

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new iThemes support forum. Our awesome support team has worked tirelessly for months to plan, build, and implement a new support forum with new features and improved functionality.  The new forum means less time “trying” to find stuff, and more time IMMEDIATELY getting down to business, interacting, asking, sharing and learning.

Check out a few of the new forum features:

A Clean, Easy-To-Navigate Design

Nice, huh? Forum categories are now more streamlined and organized. You’ll notice individual forums are organized by topic with the most recent tickets visible on the right.

Video tutorial: Sign In & Get Help on Our New Forum

New Posts Editor

After logging into the new forum, you’ll notice the new topic posts editor–providing easier integration of code and rich media. You can add tags, format, and add/upload files or images to your post. The new posts editor makes it easier to copy/paste code and to include code formatting for different languages.

Video tutorial: Posting New Topic on Our New Forum

Advanced Search

Enjoy new, advanced forum search capabilities. Search queries can now be defined by section, topic, title, tag, author, or date. Define how results are displayed by sorting by number of views or posts.

Note: All existing posts from the old forum will be migrated into the new forum, so no support topics or threads will be lost.

Video tutorial: Using the Advanced Search Feature in the Forum

More reliable email notifications and advanced PM’s (private messaging)

The new forum allows for consistent, reliable email notifications and easier-to-navigate private messaging. Manage your preferences directly from your user profile and specify your notification options.

Video tutorial: Edit Your Profile on Our New Forum

The scheduled forum launch is Thursday morning. During this transition, we do anticipate a few hours of support downtime, but we’ll be working to get the new forum up as quickly as possible. We’ll keep you posted with the latest updates via email and Twitter (@iThemes). See you on the new forum soon!


    • You have two possible solution paths: Either use a forum that is a WordPress plugin or use a separate forum solution.

      On the WordPress plugin side, I recommend trying out bbPress for simple forum needs and Simple:Press for more advanced needs.

      There are many standalone forum solutions. I have yet to find any that easily integrate to WordPress in any reliable way. So this route is much more complex.

      We always like to stick to WordPress-only solutions as much as possible. This is why we ran the Simple:Press forum plugin for a long time on ithemes.com.

      Unfortunately, we outgrew what Simple:Press could offer us, so we are moving to IP.Board, a standalone forum solution. In order to make the transition easier for users and to allow users to still log in to the sites to access resources (member downloads and training.ithemes.com content access), we have a series of integration scripts and plugins working behind the scenes that were not easy to create.

      • Scaling was definitely a key issue. Given that our support forum has over 12,000 users and nearly 100,000 posts, our membership and forum has grown quite significantly since we first implemented the Simple:Press forum.

        That growth started to put a large strain on our server (and WordPress itself as Simple:Press is tied directly to it). We made tweaks to the code and database structure as well as to the server configuration in order to improve performance, but after a while, our forum code could no longer be easily updated to new versions and the performance continued to degrade.

        We like Simple:Press and would love to stay with it, but about three months ago, we started planning a migration to a new solution as we couldn’t find any other alternative.

  1. Yes! The iThemes forum was one place that I felt could use some improving. So glad to hear that we’ll soon have this! I agree with Bes, about the navigation and design…the new forum looks much nicer!

    • Nick, thanks! Our support team has worked so hard to improve the functionality and overall experience of the forum. We’re really excited for launch on Thursday.



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