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MassiveCamp San Diego – Day 1

Today is Day 1 of MassiveCamp San Diego. This is the second meeting of the MassivePress group (the first being this summer at iThemes World Headquarters in Oklahoma City).

Here are some of the companies represented:

Today’s events will primarily consist of product and service demos from each company — “what we’re working on.” This gives each of us a chance to see what’s on the bleeding edge for some amazing organizations that are working to make WordPress better. Even though many of our companies are in direct competition, we feel that collaborating and learning from one another actually makes all of our products and services stronger, which cascades to each of our customer communities in the form of better products.

Besides the benefits of learning from one another, it also just gives us a chance to hang out together. Besides being colleagues, this group is made up of some of our greatest personal friends.

Stay tuned for more pics and good stuff coming out of MassiveCamp.



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