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How to Use BuddyPress to Add Social Networking to Your Site

Ever thought about creating your own version of Facebook, Twitter, etc.? Wish you could have a networking community on your own website?

You can – with BuddyPress! (Think of it as the plugin that delivers social networking in a box.)

Learn how to use BuddyPress with WebDesign.com

WebDesign.com is offering a BuddyPress “How To” webinar on Monday, December 12th at 11am Central Time.

In this 1+ hour webinar, you’ll learn how to take interactivity on your site to a whole new level. If you’ve got a basic understanding of WordPress, you are ready to take this course. Benjamin Bradley, the “professor”, will break it down into understandable sized chunks to help you get on your way with BuddyPress.

While webinars are reserved for WebDesign members and those with the LIVE Webinar Pass…the GREAT news is that you can get a One Month LIVE Webinar Pass for free as part of the 12 Days of WebDesign.com.

The only hitch is…the coupon for it expires on Monday the 12th. Of course that’s when the webinar is, too, so the timing fits perfectly.

So take advantage of the FREE One Month LIVE Webinar Pass we gave away on Day 1 of the 12 Days of WebDesign.com. You have until Monday the 12th to use the coupon listed in the announcement for Day 1, so go ahead and use it so you can learn what BuddyPress and WebDesign.com are all about.
(Members of WebDesign.com and Live Webinar Pass holders can register on the Events page after they login to WebDesign.com.)

And while you’re at it, check out all the gifts in the 12 Days of WebDesign.com.
The other BIGGIE gift is the 44% savings on the Web Designer’s ToolKit – the whole “kit and kaboodle” as we like to call it. The coupon for that (TK4412) also expires on Monday, so be sure to check it out.



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