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Facebook & iThemes Builder – Working Together [free video]

Did you know there are some great tricks you can use with iThemes Builder and Facebook? Check out this webinar from WebDesign.com that explains some cool things you can do using Builder and Facebook together. This webinar is part of the 12 Days of WebDesign.com giveaways.

In this webinar you’ll learn how to build apps in Facebook, build page tabs in Facebook, and integrate Facebook functionality into iThemes Builder.
(Perfect timing, too, since today is the beginning of Builder Birthday Week…)

The gem in this webinar is that you’ll learn how to build out sections of Facebook, but power them through iThemes Builder, so that when you update your WordPress site, it will translate to pages and apps on Facebook.

Facebook and iThemes Builder

Facebook and iThemes Builder Guide (download)

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  1. Great video! Having problems on Facebook though… I cannot find the link to add the APP to a fanpage. In the video it’s on the left side under the ‘Related links’ section. However, it does not appear on my new app sidebar. It does show up on old apps that I created a while ago… but not on this new app. Do you think facebook has changed something? Is there another way to add an app? Thanks!

    • Hi Lee,
      I’ve checked this out using two different internet connections (cable internet and AT&T so-called high speed). Plays all the way through on both. On the AT&T connection there was lots of pausing and buffering – but that’s an issue of the ISP, not the video, itself.




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