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Two New Showcase Sites in iThemes Builder

I’m super excited to share two personal sites that have recently been redesigned with iThemes Builder by Ty Carlson from iThemes Creative Services.

These two sites have needed an overhaul from my previously lame (self-designed) sites and I also wanted to have personal showcase sites for the cool things Builder can do. (We drink our own Kool-Aid at iThemes.)

I’m very happy with the design work that Ty has done! These new designs come just in time for Builder’s 2nd Birthday Bash.

What do you think?

My Personal Site

Because I am involved in a lot of projects, I asked Ty to design a static home page that was more business card than a typical blog. I love the font he chose for the headlines and various typographic elements. The top menu bar is universal and includes a search function.

I’m not blogging as often as I did on this site, but the blog layout is clean and readable and also showcases the projects I’m involved with.

Startup Sofa

Startup Sofa is a personal project where I share my passion for entrepreneurship with those aspiring to start their first businesses. He took the initial logo concept and designed it without much input from me. To see cool things he did with our tools, check out the header subscribe option (using EmailBuddy of course).

Also, in the bottom footer area, click on the “Browse by Category” and see the cool effects he’s included.


If you’d like to hire Ty for custom design services, hit him up here.


  1. LOVE IT. Why don’t you hire TY to design some child themes!!!!! That’s the kind of cool design MANY of us have been BEGGING for on the forums!

    • Hey Rob, thanks for the remarks. Ty is phenomenally talented.

      However, designing child themes for potentially 1,000 people as a template is fundamentally different and limited than a custom design like these above.

      Always open to input on how we can improve and give our community more of what you want though.



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