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Just Released: Two New Color Variations of Expansion

Expansion, the latest child theme for iThemes Builder, just added two new stand-alone theme color variations: Expansion Red and Expansion Blue.

Both themes boast the same high-contrast design of the original Expansion–but now with blue and red details such as:

  • custom blog date stamps that auto-adjust to your Builder layout:

  • three different widget styles (dark text on a white/light background, light text on dark/black background, and boxed-in widgets on a textured background):

Expansion Red and Expansion Blue also utilize Google Web Fonts (optimized for web viewing)—“Chivo” for the Headlines, and “Fjord One” for the body copy.

Again, both themes are included in the ever-growing child theme warehouse (now at 58 child themes). All child themes are included in the iThemes Builder Developer Pack or available individually, bundled with Builder Theme Core. Grab Expansion Red, Expansion Blue, or the whole Builder Developer Pack!

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