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3 More Things to do with BackupBuddy Full Backups

Your BackupBuddy Full backup zip file is a gem. You can do more things with it than just restoring or migrating your entire sites via BackupBuddy.

You can extract any BackupBuddy backup on your computer using any zip extraction program to see what’s inside. You can use something like 7-Zip on Windows or The Unarchiver on Mac to do this. If you’re on some other operating system or need more options, Google is your friend.

Here are some cool yet extremely important things you can do with your BackupBuddy Full backup file after you’ve extracted it on your computer:

1 : Get the Database from it

This is something that’s hidden under the radar for many people. Your BackupBuddy Full backup includes the actual database files, nicely tucked away in the following folder in your backup file:


The NAMEOFBACKUP will have a different name for each of your full backups. Once you’re inside that folder, you’ll notice the SQL files. Those are the exact same files you get when you run a BackupBuddy Database only backup.

You can use such database backup files, from the above folder, to do an actual database restore via BackupBuddy if you only need a database backup.

2 : Get Individual Files from it

This one spoils me a lot: it allows me to continue my habit of modifying core files on live sites, without having to worry much about not being able to undo my changes.

Since you can extract your full BackupBuddy backups and have full control over them, you can extract the BackupBuddy zip file on your computer and access individual files from it.

Messed up your .htaccess file? No worries: your BackupBuddy Full backup has a copy. Accidentally made some changes to your theme files that you can’t undo? Relax: your BackupBuddy Full backup has the entire themes folder, waiting to be restored by you.

If there is any file in your WordPress folders that you wanted to revert back to, take a look at, or play around with, BackupBuddy full backup has you covered.

Extract your BackupBuddy Full backup, find the file you need, and upload it to your website. All done! :)

3 : Use it to Compare Revisions

This may be the best thing you can do with your backup, after being able to restore your entire site from the backup of course.

Since your BackupBuddy Full backup contains all your WordPress and related directories and files, you can actually compare changes from the backed up versions with what you currently have live on your site.

Comparing 2 stylesheet files

Comparing 2 stylesheet file versions - left one is from my BackupBuddy Full backup. Right one is from the server, live.

This is extremely important when you’re making live changes (see #2 above) and want to see what has changed, what needs to changed, and where to change things. You can use any text file comparison program for this, like WinMerge for Windows, Coda for Mac, or any other file comparison tool on any operating system you wish. Another good one for Windows is Notepad++, which is being used in the screenshot above.

How do You Use Your BackupBuddy Full Backups?

How are you using your BackupBuddy Full backups? Which of the 3 extra things above is your favorite? Can you think of other things you can do with the BackupBuddy Full backups?

Please share your comments or tips in the comments below. If you’ve any support related questions, please ask away in the BackupBuddy Support Forums.

Thanks for reading. Happy Holidays! :)


  1. Si there a way to compress the backup file even smaller than what it normally does? Right now, our backup.zip file is about 18.9 MB

    My question is, can we compress like using 7zip 7z file, it could compress the file at 14 MB

    Is it supported by backupbuddy and Cpanel?

    I got a slow internet with regards to uploading a file on Cpanel, I could just somehow compress the file more, it would lessen the time for me to finish uploading.



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