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Plugins New Year’s Resolution – 2012

2012 is here. In less than 36 hours, 2012 will be the current year for everyone on this planet. That includes your websites also.

Many people make New Year’s resolutions focusing on their offline life. However, I think there should be online resolutions also, since our offline lives revolve around our online life so much.

To help you make quick plans and to get started, following is a partial list of things I’m going to do related to my plugins.

You can, and should, do these before 2012 or during the first few days of 2012. Your website will thank you for it. :)

Plugins New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Remove unused plugins.
  2. Upgrade all your plugins.
  3. See if your custom code modifications can be done via plugins.
  4. See if your custom code modifications or one of your plugins can be turned into a shortcode you can use via your theme.
  5. Remove all unnecessary plugins. An unnecessary plugin is something that provides no actual value to you, your website or to your readers other than maybe simply looking cool.
  6. Replace plugins with their theme counterparts. For example, if your theme allows it, generate SEO titles via your theme instead of using a plugin that only generates SEO titles.
  7. Upgrade your WordPress to 3.3 – this is a must.
  8. Replace old antique plugins with plugins which are updated more regularly.
  9. Remove duplicate plugins. Again, SEO plugins are a great example of this. Use a single SEO plugin that does everything you want.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

What are you doing with your plugins for the New Year? Do you have any plans to change or improve the way you deal with your plugins?

Thanks for reading! Here’s to working for and looking forward to 2012 becoming the best year ever!

Happy New Year in advance. :)




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