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WordPress 3.3.1 – Upgrade Right Away!

Hey everyone! Bes Zain here with an important message (no, this is not your midnight debt consolidation or bankruptcy help commercial).

WordPress 3.3.1 WordPress 3.3.1 was released only 3 days ago, yet it seems so many people are still unaware of it. Many other people are simply waiting for the next big version. A small 0.0.1 increment seems so small to worry about, right?


Unlike the desktop programs, usually on Windows, online software (like WordPress) push out security updates in even the smallest of updates.

Not many people are out there trying to get into your desktop.

Almost everyone else is out there, however, trying to get into your website’s admin and secret areas (yes, look around you! your neighbor wants to hack your site too!).

WordPress 3.3.1 Includes a Security Update

WordPress 3.3.1 includes 15 total fixes, aimed at single and Multisites. One of the fixes addresses an actual security vulnerability, that you can read more about in the WordPress bug tracker.

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade right away, and you should find that all PluginBuddy plugins work with the update right off the bat.

Share your thoughts on this update in the comments below. Got questions about WordPress 3.3.1 and PluginBuddy? Ask away in the PluginBuddy support forums!

After you’re done upgrading, you can stop worrying about your neighbor, and can go back to being friends with him/her. No really, you can stop worrying now. :O



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