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Censorship Sucks, Freedom Rocks

Many of you may have heard the ruckus about two bills going through the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives that seek to limit your web freedom.

They are Software Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and PROTECT IP Act.

And you should contact your senator and representative today to tell them you OPPOSE them.

Fight for Future has all the gory details (aka a great resource site) for learning more at AmericanCensorship.org.

What does this mean for you, really?

I haven’t been a politically vocal person, but when I see someone suggesting that I help kill a bill or stop some kind of new legislation, I always want to get past all the noise and right down to the rub … and that means answering what does it mean for me? How does it affect my life?

This is about freedom and the opposite of freedom — censorship — on the Web. And it can affect you.

These pieces of legislation have far reaching and dangerous consequences and costly ripple effects that can damage the amazing freedom we have on the Internet to do business, expression our opinions, and much much more.

And trust me … if even SOPA and PROPTECT IP get tabled … they will come back under new clothes.

Those of us who care about the web and our freedom on it need to rally together, with a single voice, and let those who represent us that we care enough to vote them out of office.

Make your voice heard … or you won’t have one to share it! Get in the fight!

[ Learn How to Stop American Censorship at AmericanCensorship.org ]

In the meantime, here are some graphics that you can post on your site by our designer Brad. Be sure to link to http://americancensorship.org.




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