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Use Featured Posts to Spice Up Your Content Presentation

Featured Posts is one of the best visual enhancement plugins you can use on any site. Featured Posts is also one of the easiest to use plugins out there.

Because of its simplicity, however, I’ve noticed several bloggers getting confused about whether to choose Slideshow, Carousel, or Featured Posts for their site. That confusion is easily and quickly gone once I tell such bloggers that Featured Posts is not in the same category as Slideshow or Carousel.

Featured Posts is different

Featured Posts is different than Slideshow, Carousel and many other slideshow related plugins out there. While Slideshow and Carousel get a ton of attention, Featured Posts has one feature that sets it apart in its own category.

Featured Posts showcases your latest content with featured images automatically.

You only setup Featured Posts once. From then onward, everything is automatic and you never have to touch the Featured Posts code or settings area again. Unlike other latest posts slideshow plugins, Featured Posts does not require you to create extra categories or tags in order to work. Featured Posts instantly works with whatever you already have.

If you use featured images for any of your blog content, Feature Posts will transform the home page or any other specified part of your website into a beautiful gallery of your latest entries and their associated Featured Images. Your actual text content will also be shown in any manner and length you wish.

Featured Posts

Showcase your latest posts in style - one of the several available themes

Featured Posts can showcase the latest posts, pages or any custom post type you specify in the settings area. You can also choose one of the several available layouts, or create your own layout to customize the way Featured Posts looks.

Activate Featured Posts, Copy/Paste the Shortcut, and Enjoy!

Using Featured Posts is extremely easy. The following 3 one-time only steps will get you up and running in less than 3 minutes:

  1. Activate Featured Posts like any other plugin.
  2. Set your preferred options in Featured Posts Settings. This step is completely optional.
  3. Insert the shortcode [featuredposts] on any page, post or in any theme file.

That’s it! Featured Posts will then work automatically, based on your settings. You simply go on posting like you always do, not changing your existing habits in any manner.

Featured Posts will pick your latest entries, show the excerpt and the associated Featured Image per the default or your defined settings, and make your site visually more appealing. Since Featured Posts showcases the latest posts, it always updates itself automatically whenever you write a new WordPress post or page.

How do You Use Featured Posts?

Now that you know how Featured Posts works and how its different compared to other plugins, do you think it adds more value to your homepage compared to many other plugins? How are you using Feature Posts?

Share your thoughts, questions or your own site link, with Featured Posts activated on it, in the comments below or on the Featured Posts forums.

Thanks for reading! :)




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